EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube speaks with audience at Fist Fight movie screening

slide1(BlacksinHollywood.com) – He believes so much in this movie that Ice Cube personally weathered the snow and ice and made good on his promise to speak to the audience at the NYC screening of his newest movie, “Fist Fight,” which was hilarious (the movie we mean, not Ice Cube).

Dressed in a black pea coat, dark jeans and a black skull hat, Ice Cube used his intimidating humor to make the crowd laugh and it worked. Following his speech, several other comedians took to the stage to make the audience laugh prior to the movie.

With complimentary popcorn and drinks, the audience was armed and ready for what promised to be a very funny – although at times highly inappropriate – movie. This one is NOT for kids, not even by a little bit. The movie is so controversially funny that the commercials are banned from American TV, and rightfully so. With references to all of his other movies thrown in for good measure, fans of Ice Cube will not be disappointed.

With jokes about teacher/student romance, fights among teachers and references to drugs, Fight Fight: The movie is definitely one that you want to see if you’re not afraid to laugh at comedy and are capable of not allowing¬†political correctness to¬†rule your laughter. To make it even better, have a little drink before you see this movie. But don’t forget your adult diaper. This one will make you wet your pants. Ice Cube’s latest flick is a sure bet.

**** out of 5