Black Dad Project uses social media to knock down stereotypes

Black Father support groups are meeting for events, networking and events like Father and Daughter tea parties( – When it comes to Black fathers, the world has already made its decision. But a group of Black fathers are banding together to defy the stereotypes and show the world what a real Black dad looks like.

The Black dads are doing everything from writing kids books, inventing products to making music videos with their children to know how to have  self-esteem and how to handle peer pressure.

Black father support groups are meeting for events, networking and events like Father and Daughter tea parties.

Two dads Philos and Nivek gathered their daughters and made a music video called, “Better Living,” and chronicle their journey to teach their daughters right from wrong. What’s even more special about that is their daughters appear on the track with them. When one child raps saying, “Teach me how to forgive…” it’s a very endearing part of the song.

From dad groups to the Black Father Facebook Project, these Black dads are making their voices heard. Where some dads pop their gums about being humanitarians and want to help others, there are actually dads that put their money where their mouth is and prove it with actions.

Recalling a friend who told him, “I want to make fatherhood the coolest thing in the world so that everybody wants to be a dad,” Mark Prestbury says he’s upping the ante with his Black Fathers Facebook group.
His ultimate goal, he says, “is to make it so that you feel like if you’re not involved in your children’s lives, you’re a fool.” With 10,000 followers, the Black Fathers Facebook group allows members to share photos of heartwarming “daddy and daughter/son” moments to “change the narrative of what it means to be a Black father in America,” Prestbury said.
Many Black dads are starting to show that the trend of Black dads not being around for their children is a hurtful myth.
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