BLACK HOLLYWEIRD: Why fame is driving Black people crazy

Special Report to BlacksinHollywood

celebrity-mental-illnes( – Over the years, so many celebrities have confided in me about their mental state it became a challenge to keep up.

During a private lunch organized by Black Erotica author, Zane, I sat at a table in Prince George’s County, Maryland and listened – half in awe and half in horror – to author BeBe Moore Campbell pour her heart out to me.  I wasn’t a mother so there wasn’t any real way for me to relate to her pain but as a writer I knew what she was saying and doing was incredibly risky and oustandingly brave.

My daughter suffers from a mental illness. That’s why I wrote the book, “72 Hour Hold,” because that was all the hospital would give me. I knew my baby was sick and I was trying to get help for her but 72 hours is as long as the law allows a person to be held involuntarily. It’s called a 5150,” said Moore Campbell, whose daughter starred on a TV sitcom with LL Cool J before turning to sex and drugs. Continue reading