CASTING NEWS: Taraji P. Henson lands role of hit woman in “Proud Mary”


( – As news of the approval of the FOURTH SEASON of the hit TV series, EMPIRE, Taraji P. Henson is on a role.

She will play a hit woman whose life is upturned when she meets a young boy who awakens the maternal instinct she never knew she had. Although no director has been named, the studio says production will begin by April 2017.

Henson’s current movie, “Hidden Figures,” is expected to be nominated for an Oscar.


TARAJI P. HENSON to leave Empire, returns to Person of Interest

Cookie sleeps with derek luke - empire( – First of all, good for her! There’s no need for an actress of Taraji P. Henson’s calibur to get typecast as a ghetto queen on Empire when she can expand her reach by returning to the hit show, “Person of Interest.” What would be really cool is if she could do both shows. But according to an internal leak, it seems that Empire’s Taraji P. Henson will go back to her roots as Detective Joss Carter when she joined Person of Interest as a guest star on the April 14, 2015 episode.

Rumors aren’t always real so it could just be another way for the Fox show to stay relevant since the show doesn’t return until 2016.

But according to a source close to the show, has learned that there is a lot of turmoil with the show. Initially, the show wasn’t expected to make it past the first season and with the lucrative product placements, music contracts, etc. the cast has been getting antsy to get a bigger piece of the Empire.

Cast members like Jussie Smollet (Jamal) have seen their time be cut extremely short with high demand for new projects but since FOX was smart and demanded a sizable portion of their music royalties, the cast is clapping back and seeking more money. We’ve seen this kind of thing before when the FRIENDS cast demanded to have a sizable amount of the lucrative TV pie. The cast held out until all members received the same pay.

With disgruntled people like Mo’Nique doing TV interviews bashing the director and lawsuits from various artists like Diddy saying that Empire story their life story, it’s a behind-the-scenes mess.

SPOILER ALERT: Empire Season One Finale has Jussie Smollett turned out

Cookie sleeps with Derek Luke on Empire by DC Livers

( – If you’re a fan of the hit series “EMPIRE,” the season finale will make your head explode. But, before you go any further with this post be aware there are serious SPOILERS to the Season Finale throughout the article.


Empire’s first season finale comes as the record company – and the Lyons family – is in utter chaos. There isn’t a shread of family loyalty and few members of the family are sane. While we see Andre begin to fall in love with his therapist – a practice that is unethical and common in real life – he begins to emerge as the one whose life actually has hope for healing.

Cookie sleeps with Derek Luke

Meanwhile, Cookie plays a dangerous game with disasterous reaults. Look for sexy man Derek Luke to be dealt with for bedding Lucious’ ex-wife, Cookie. In a bonehead decision, Luke’s character whisks Cookie off to a romantic cabin and “loves her down” all the while an unsuspecting Lucious wonders where he’s at. Luke’s character meets his fate when the truth comes out.

Empire cookie sleeps with derek luke

Meanwhile, Lucious feels a desperate need to train one of his sons in his imagine and despite his hesitations turns to Jamal. Taking his son back to the neighborhood where it all began gives Jamal a much needed appreciate of exactly how hard Lucious and Cookie worked for their family. Jamal feels selfish and needs to prove his loyalty to his father – and to himself. He tells his dad he’s ready to “take it” from anyone who gets in his way. Convinced, Lucious introduces Jamal to the underworld of the music industry. Drugs become a problem for anyone in this lifestyle. Look for drugs fo play a huge role in the finale.




While Lucious may be dying, he is not dead and he has no intention of going out quietly. Still, the toll of being all alone in life adds up and he feels a pull to be a better man. Ironcially, Andre feels the same way and holds a meeting with his dad to tell him he cannot work in the unhealthy conditions anymore. Andre attends church with his therapist and Lucious – whose name means Lucifer – isn’t happy. What happens next is completely unexpected.

EXCLUSIVE: Empire Records will have concert at BET Awards in L.A.

#Empire tv show concerts - #BET Experience - DC Livers

( – A source who asked not to be named for fear of getting fired tells Blacks in Hollywood that the Lyons’ Family will be performing at the BET Awards this summer.

Set against the musical backdrop of L.A. Live, Empire Records will feature artists including Jussie Smollet, Jennifer Hudson, Estelle and others who have appeared on the wildly popular show.

“FOX is looking to extend the show beyond the TV show because demand is that high. The concert at BET Awards makes perfect sense and BET has been hurting for big name acts for the past couple of years so this is truly a win win,” the source said. “The fans will eat it up.”

Empire’s growth has continued to amaze score keeps week after week since the show premiered in January 2015. The audiences – 61% are African American – have tuned in record levels for the first season. FOX has already announced it renewed the show for a second season, which is not that surprising considering that Empire is first show in at least 23 years to grow week-to-week after just first five episodes, according to a press release from Fox in early February 2015.

Ratings per show for Empire Season One (via Wikipedia):

– Episode 1: 9.9 million
– Episode 2: 10.32 million
– Episode 3: 11.07 million
– Episode 4: 11.36 million
– Episode 5: 11.47 million
– Episode 6: 11.96 million
– Episode 7: 13.02 million
– Episode 8: 13.80 million

Empire Records will have concerts across the United States and Jussie and Estelle will perform in London. Already the show has gotten its first big hit with a remake of Estelle’s song, #Conqueror, which was released July 2014. The remix of the song with Jussie Smollett landed at #4 on iTunes.

Estelle and jussie smollett