EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube speaks with audience at Fist Fight movie screening

slide1(BlacksinHollywood.com) – He believes so much in this movie that Ice Cube personally weathered the snow and ice and made good on his promise to speak to the audience at the NYC screening of his newest movie, “Fist Fight,” which was hilarious (the movie we mean, not Ice Cube).

Dressed in a black pea coat, dark jeans and a black skull hat, Ice Cube used his intimidating humor to make the crowd laugh and it worked. Following his speech, several other comedians took to the stage to make the audience laugh prior to the movie.

With complimentary popcorn and drinks, the audience was armed and ready for what promised to be a very funny – although at times highly inappropriate – movie. This one is NOT for kids, not even by a little bit. The movie is so controversially funny that the commercials are banned from American TV, and rightfully so. With references to all of his other movies thrown in for good measure, fans of Ice Cube will not be disappointed.

With jokes about teacher/student romance, fights among teachers and references to drugs, Fight Fight: The movie is definitely one that you want to see if you’re not afraid to laugh at comedy and are capable of not allowing political correctness to rule your laughter. To make it even better, have a little drink before you see this movie. But don’t forget your adult diaper. This one will make you wet your pants. Ice Cube’s latest flick is a sure bet.

**** out of 5


#OscarsSoRight: Black movies hit big with film critics, actors score nominations


Exclusive Oscars Coverage by DC Livers, Veteran Entertainment Reporter

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – We’re calling it #OscarsSoRight because just one year after the Oscars started a virtual race war that led to an uprising at the election polls, the ship has been righted.

The nominations for the 2017 Oscars are in and it’s a big deal. BlacksinHollywood.com attended the 2016 Oscars and enjoyed the experience a lot despite no nominations for any African Americans. We found the event to be very professional, incredibly well done and memorable, despite the hoopla. Those who wanted diversity in film were correct in demanding change. That’s why BlacksinHollywood.com is commending the Academy for listening and making sweeping changes.

The nominees weren’t given because of racial quota. With the exception of MOONLIGHT (more on that later), BlacksinHollywood.com agrees wholeheartedly with the nominations of HIDDEN FIGURES and FENCES.

We’ll be attending the 2017 Oscars and providing great coverage for our loyal readers so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy this piece on what we’re calling: “The Road to the Oscars: BlackTwitter Style.” Continue reading

CASTING NEWS: Meagan Good lands reprisal role for “Foxy Brown” TV Show

meagan-good-foxy-brown-tv-show-blacksinhollywood(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Meagan Good has been acting for a long time but this role might be one that she was born to portray. With the news that the stunning actress will breathe new life into the old TV classic, “FOXY BROWN” (Pam Grier), Good is feeling the love.

BlacksinHollywood.com caught up with Meagan today as she entered the Wendy Williams Show taping in New York City. She was very happy about the news and excited to bring the show to a new generation.


CASTING NEWS: Taraji P. Henson lands role of hit woman in “Proud Mary”


(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – As news of the approval of the FOURTH SEASON of the hit TV series, EMPIRE, Taraji P. Henson is on a role.

She will play a hit woman whose life is upturned when she meets a young boy who awakens the maternal instinct she never knew she had. Although no director has been named, the studio says production will begin by April 2017.

Henson’s current movie, “Hidden Figures,” is expected to be nominated for an Oscar.

Black Dad Project uses social media to knock down stereotypes

Black Father support groups are meeting for events, networking and events like Father and Daughter tea parties(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – When it comes to Black fathers, the world has already made its decision. But a group of Black fathers are banding together to defy the stereotypes and show the world what a real Black dad looks like.

The Black dads are doing everything from writing kids books, inventing products to making music videos with their children to know how to have  self-esteem and how to handle peer pressure.

Black father support groups are meeting for events, networking and events like Father and Daughter tea parties.

Two dads Philos and Nivek gathered their daughters and made a music video called, “Better Living,” and chronicle their journey to teach their daughters right from wrong. What’s even more special about that is their daughters appear on the track with them. When one child raps saying, “Teach me how to forgive…” it’s a very endearing part of the song.

From dad groups to the Black Father Facebook Project, these Black dads are making their voices heard. Where some dads pop their gums about being humanitarians and want to help others, there are actually dads that put their money where their mouth is and prove it with actions.

Recalling a friend who told him, “I want to make fatherhood the coolest thing in the world so that everybody wants to be a dad,” Mark Prestbury says he’s upping the ante with his Black Fathers Facebook group.
His ultimate goal, he says, “is to make it so that you feel like if you’re not involved in your children’s lives, you’re a fool.” With 10,000 followers, the Black Fathers Facebook group allows members to share photos of heartwarming “daddy and daughter/son” moments to “change the narrative of what it means to be a Black father in America,” Prestbury said.
Many Black dads are starting to show that the trend of Black dads not being around for their children is a hurtful myth.
Here’s a list of Black Father Support Groups to consider joining:

100 Black Fathers


Black and Married with Kids

Mocha Dad

CASTING NEWS: Satina “Ma Barker” Pearce tapped for lead role in hip hop murder movie, “Project Barbie: The Sadia Morrison Story”

NEW YORK — (www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – After a four year search for the right actress, Satina “Ma Barker” Pearce has been cast for the lead role in the upcoming independent film, “Project Barbie: The Sadia Morrison Story,” which is in the early developmental stages. The film is slated for Summer 2017 release.
Ma Barker, the Brooklyn, NY-based rapper, was selected because of the similiarities of the two women’s lives, including a visual resemblance.
“It’s like when they found the rapper to play Biggie Smalls in “Notorious,” that’s how it feels to find Ma Barker. I was so excited when she signed on to do the project. Ma Barker brings such depth, personal experience and credibility to the role. Like Sadia, she’s beautiful, a bit dangerous and a lady boss,” said DC Livers the film creator. “I’ve also found a director who I hope to be able to get involved in the project. As with any project, there’s going to be fundraising needed to be able to bring the project to light but if I can get this director on board, I know that Sadia’s life story will amaze and inspire young people everywhere,” Livers said.
Morrison, who was thrown off the roof of a Bronx apartment building on Friday the 13th in June 2008, starting working with Jay Z at age 13 and died at age 26.
“Sadia did more with her 12 years than people who’ve spent their entire career in the industry have accomplished their entire career. She was definitely rough around the edges, sometimes even scary, but she was also the sweetest, most talented person I’ve met in a long time. Our personalities couldn’t have been further from each other but we were brought together by a mutual friend. I didn’t know anything about Sadia’s past when I met her. She was changing her life and doing really good. I’ve always hated that the first thing that comes up on her Google profile is about the Pacman Jones incident. Over the years, she’s stayed on my mind and I always knew that one day I would tell her story. We’re not going to try to solve a murder, instead we will focus on her life and accomplishments. No one wants to revisit that dark, dark time. Her life had lots of darkness but she overcame it. What she did with her life that most inspired me and made me truly admire her,” Livers said.

Roles for Meagan Good, Teyana Taylor, Charli Baltimore, Zab Judah, 50 Cent, radio hosts Miss Jones, Wendy Williams and others have not yet been cast. Casting notices will be placed on BlacksinHollywood.com when available.

Ma Barker is a Brooklyn-based rapper who is known for her marriage to rapper Kool G Rap and his relationship with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Her hit song, “Look thru my window,” was selected for the theme song of a popular urban web series.

NEWS: America’s Next Top Model attempts rebirth

5-things-you need to know about #RitaOra #ANTM

(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Without founder Tyra Banks at the helm and famed photographer Nigel Barker and of course Ms. Jaye, America’s Next Top Model should be called anything but.

Let’s face it. It’s just not the same. There is no African American women as judges. There’s just a lot of awkward weirdness.

But of course, the fashion is on point so it will likely be a hit. Listen to what new mom Tyra has to say about it in the video at the end of the article.


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