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(BlacksInHollywood.com) – DC Livers & Associates’ owner, DC Livers, has acquired the “Blacks in Hollywood” digital franchise by purchasing BlacksinHollywood.com/net/org. Plans to produce the first ever “Who’s Who in Black Hollywood” directory were also announced.
Already, Black Press Radio’s DC Livers has an impressive collection of interviews with some of the most talented African Americans in the business or those who should be. Interviews with Ava Duvernay (I Will Follow), Tim Alexander (Diary of a Mad Black Man), Wendy Squirewell (23rd Psalm: Redemption), Anthony Anderson (Anacostia) and upcoming interviews with Gil Robertson (AAFCA) are going to be added to the “State of Black Hollywood” podcast collection, which will be housed at www.BlacksinHollywood.com.
In an effort to support the Black enterainment industry, the Historical Black Press Foundation is pleased to announced it has acquired BlacksinHollywood.com/net/org to create directory of Black talent.
“It’s time for the actors, directors, producers and other Black talents in the enterainment industry to get their just due. I hope that the directory will go a long way in ensuring that those entertainment professionals who want to be can be found,” said Livers, who published “Who’s Who in Black Media” directory in 2004 and is working on “Who’s Who in Black Blogging” to be released this year along with an updated version of Who’s Who in Black Media directory.
DC has also tapped a few of her favorite interviewers to help out when she is not available to do the interviews. Other correspondents will be announced in coming months.

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