CASTING NEWS: Satina “Ma Barker” Pearce tapped for lead role in hip hop murder movie, “Project Barbie: The Sadia Morrison Story”

NEW YORK — ( – After a four year search for the right actress, Satina “Ma Barker” Pearce has been cast for the lead role in the upcoming independent film, “Project Barbie: The Sadia Morrison Story,” which is in the early developmental stages. The film is slated for Summer 2017 release.
Ma Barker, the Brooklyn, NY-based rapper, was selected because of the similiarities of the two women’s lives, including a visual resemblance.
“It’s like when they found the rapper to play Biggie Smalls in “Notorious,” that’s how it feels to find Ma Barker. I was so excited when she signed on to do the project. Ma Barker brings such depth, personal experience and credibility to the role. Like Sadia, she’s beautiful, a bit dangerous and a lady boss,” said DC Livers the film creator. “I’ve also found a director who I hope to be able to get involved in the project. As with any project, there’s going to be fundraising needed to be able to bring the project to light but if I can get this director on board, I know that Sadia’s life story will amaze and inspire young people everywhere,” Livers said.
Morrison, who was thrown off the roof of a Bronx apartment building on Friday the 13th in June 2008, starting working with Jay Z at age 13 and died at age 26.
“Sadia did more with her 12 years than people who’ve spent their entire career in the industry have accomplished their entire career. She was definitely rough around the edges, sometimes even scary, but she was also the sweetest, most talented person I’ve met in a long time. Our personalities couldn’t have been further from each other but we were brought together by a mutual friend. I didn’t know anything about Sadia’s past when I met her. She was changing her life and doing really good. I’ve always hated that the first thing that comes up on her Google profile is about the Pacman Jones incident. Over the years, she’s stayed on my mind and I always knew that one day I would tell her story. We’re not going to try to solve a murder, instead we will focus on her life and accomplishments. No one wants to revisit that dark, dark time. Her life had lots of darkness but she overcame it. What she did with her life that most inspired me and made me truly admire her,” Livers said.

Roles for Meagan Good, Teyana Taylor, Charli Baltimore, Zab Judah, 50 Cent, radio hosts Miss Jones, Wendy Williams and others have not yet been cast. Casting notices will be placed on when available.

Ma Barker is a Brooklyn-based rapper who is known for her marriage to rapper Kool G Rap and his relationship with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Her hit song, “Look thru my window,” was selected for the theme song of a popular urban web series.

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