EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West RELEASED from hospital after mental break in time for Saint’s first birthday


(BlacksinHollywood.com) – Kanye West – the sometimes loved sometimes hated rap star – has been released from a California hospital where he admitted by a doctor for a mental breakdown. He is now at home with his wife Kim Kardashian West and tkanye-released-from-hospital-home-with-wife-and-kids blacksinhollywood.comheir two children as well as her family. Kim has pledged to stay with her husband and fight for her family.

“Kanye is doing better,” an insider said. “Kim kept asking the doctors if they were sure he’s ok for him to leave. She loves him and wants him to get better but her mama bear gene kicked in and she wants what’s best for her children.

“Kanye has to be careful because medications smooth things out and some people feel they can ‘go off the meds’ but it usually has disasterous, sometimes violent results. He cannot go off his medication. Kim is insisting that he do everything the doctors tell him to do,” said the source.

He’s not allowed to use social media for a little while or record. Doctors want to make sure Kanye adjusts well to being at home with the high pressures of Hollywood and the reality show that he and his wife signed on to participate in.  The rapper did not have a phone or computer with him per doctors’ directions,” said the source very close to the situation, but an insider said he’s already trying make music about his experience.

Kanye was hospitalized for over a week after being admitted. Many are speculating online that Lamar Odom was very lucky to finally get away from Khloe Kardashian. In both cases, there were cameras and/or camera phones capturing some of his moves.



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