AUDIO: MEGAN GOOD remembers Sadia Morrison while on the red carpet

Megan Good at the WEEN Awards 2016 ( – There is little doubt that Sadia Morrison would have been a recipient of the WEEN Awards had she lived long enough. The popular celebrity stylist and publicist was murdered on Friday, June 13, 2008 when she was just 26 years old.

She was credited with helping to launch, develop or manage the careers of some of the nation’s most coveted clients like Jay Z, Kanye West, Thomas Jones, boxer Zab Judah, singers Teyana Taylor and others. She was also best friends with the actress Megan Good.

From time-to-time, BlackPressRadio catches up with Megan to check with her and to remember the life of Sadia Morrison, who would have been so proud of Megan’s award.

“I remember Sadia as shy. an incredible go getter. Beauitulf person. She didn’t love if people said to her ‘Sadia you’re so dope.’ She didn’t like that but she was,” Megan said with glassy eyes as her publicist lead her off to the awards show.

Sadia was famous for saying, ‘Where’s my check!?’ because she always made sure she got paid for her work. A graduate of NYC Fashion Institute (FIT), Sadia was there to support Megan as she navigated a very difficult relationship with NFL player Thomas Jones but didn’t live long enough to see the permanent glow that Megan has now with her husband, Devon.

Sadia – who began working for Jay Z when she was just 13 years old – went on to work at VIBE and other major media outlets before launching her own publicity firm. Her clients included EA sports, NFL and NBA players, rappers and some of the top people in the industry. Sadia’s life is being considered for a biopic or book with Megan’s name being (along with Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma) floated as one of the possible people to portray Sadia who was known in the streets as “Project Barbie,” long before Nicki Minaj borrowed her image.


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