WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Complete transcript of Londell McMillan’s introduction to Lil Kim and he grants exclusive interview about Prince

Londell McMillan and Lil Kim as she receives the ICON Award

A gushing Londell McMillan said, “I can’t get over this woman. Lil Kim is lovingly loyal.”

(  – Kimberly Jones, affectionately known to the world as rapstress Lil Kim, was honored with the WEEN Icon Award at the 6th annual WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment) Awards in New York City.

“I love you so much for even making the decision,” said Kim while accepting the award. “Everyone who’s behind the decision to give me this award. I was excited from the moment I heard about it. I do this for my fans because they love me unconditionally. It’s just a blessing to this day.

“When I first got into this industry, I received a lot of hate,” Lil Kim said. “I still receive a lot of hate. But you know what? I’m a very sensitive person. I’m a cancer so it used to bother me. But every time I talked to God, he used to say, ‘Honey, let them keep hating.’ He let me know that no matter how much they hate, they cannot stop what he has for me.”

She was introduced by Londell McMillan, a powerhouse attorney whose words made many in the audience cry.

COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of the entire introduction by LONDELL McMILAN as delivered at the 2016 WEEN Awards in NYC captured by DC Livers exclusively for is BELOW. First, hear the interview he did with DC Livers

My dear friend. My little sister. My confidant. My argue partner. My client.

“Prince was my rocket ship. He was my affirmative action in my life into this business as an attorney. With Prince, if you’re being honest, in addition to his genius, if you go back Prince was the first one to have Tipper Gore come out with the advisory theme for his lyrics. Albums never were stickered before to separate adult content from general content and there is a difference right. Back then, it was very controversial. His music lead to a warning sign I say that because Lil Kim has been a bit controversial.

“Close your eyes and think about the year it must have been 1993, or 4,  or 5. Hip hop went West and it went West hard with the gangster rap. The lyrics challenged many of us.

“I’m a Black nationalist so I’m just keeping it real. It challenged many of us. East Coast lost its way and they were trying to bring it back but the lyrics went West. Lyrics are a reflection of our community and how we govern the social political climate in our community. It came back to the East Coast and it went hard.

“You didn’t see many women in the game at all. It was not only a male sport, it was just disrespectful to many. It was unapologetically unfair.

“[First], it was Prince then you started seeing Biggie and Craig Mack but you started to see [the industry] coming back to the East Coast. And then amongst these lights, there was a young woman who was down with a crew. They started to say: “Who is she?” You couldn’t deny that voice and that energy and that look that she brought to the game. That style. She came through and she started to challenge these men around what she needed, what she demanded, what she must have in order to record with them. She actually became a phenomenon.

That’s the music, you all know the music. You either love it or you don’t but put it this way: The Grammys and the award shows have celebrated the music, but I want to talk about the friend .

Even I as the Christian Black nationalist [that I am] can’t get over this woman. I can’t get over this woman. I see my BET friends. Y’all know we did “Countdown to Lockdown.” That the first reality show that went Number one. Let’s be clear about that. Countdown to Lockdown was number one on all the charts. Lil Kim going to prison. Why did she go to prison? It was first thing I was gonna say. She’s just loving loyal. I mean lovingly loyal not just stupidly loyal. Lovingly loyal. When you look at the decisions she has made – good or bad – it came from a place of love. Brilliant or misguided, it came from a place of love. Lovingly loyal.

“We know she went to prison. We know. If you follow her, you followed the trial. I was there every single day. We followed the trial. It was just amazing, but she’s just a lovingly loyal person. I was captivated by that love [she has for others.]

I’m also captivated by her humor. If you know her, she’s just like the funnyist. She’s the greatest. As soon as you see her, she’s the hardest, most edgyist person on one hand then the most giddyist, funnyist, softest person on the other hand. It’s like very intoxicating like. It’s like, “Who are you?” She’s Lil Kim.

People love her.

If you know Lil Kim you love Lil Kim. It’s just period. If you meet Lil Kim you’re not going to not love Lil Kim. It’s nothing about Lil Kim that you don’t love. If you don’t love Lil Kim, something’s wrong with you – if you know her. Strong, strong, strong and committed.

“I remember a story, we were shooting – we had shot actually – Countdown to Lockdown. There was a moment when we were about to go on the bus to go to prison and she was with her family. They were praying. They had a prayer moment. There was a very serious prayer moment and her mother fainted. That would have been great TV. BET wanted it be on. I wanted it to be on. I never told you Kim, I wanted it to be on. I acted like I didn’t want it to be on. I wanted it to be on. And Kim was like, “Hell to the motherfucking no! That is not going in that show.”

“She was in prison. I’m like you’re incarcerated what do you want me to do?’ She was on lock down. We had her get on the phone from the prison. She called the warden from the prison. We called Johnny. We called Connie. We called Tracey. We called Debra Lee. We called everybody. In their kind and considerate manner, BET respectfully pulled that scene out of the show. But [Lil Kim] kind of turned the entire prison upside down.

“I was so worried about Lil Kim when she was in prison. But when I came back to the prison, Kim had it all locked in. Not because she was a superstar icon, but she’s just a very sweet hearted, loving person. To know Lil Kim is to love Lil Kim. S

he’s the epitome of the word icon. She’s monumental. She’s extraordinary like Prince – when he started his journey. I’m not trying to make a direct [connection] with her [and Prince] but you know, Psalms 75 verse 7: “…but God is the judge…” None of us are judges and [Lil Kim’s] journey is not completed.

“So I wanna say, come on up my little sister and I want all of y’all while she’s here. While we can, please just stand up for someone who we all know. She’s like our little sister. We all in her life and in her business. Let’s give a big warm welcome to the incomparable Lil Kim!”

Londell McMillan LOVINGLY LOYAL: Lil Kim big night (WEEN Icon Award)Transcribed by DC Livers EXCLUSIVELY for


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