HOT GIRLS: Malia Obama has America stressed out and praying she’ll cool down soon

President Obama Michelle Obama weight gain

( – If you read the headlines, you’ll see Malia Obama is got some people worried that she’s auditioning to be the next cover girl on the cover of a hip hop magazine complete with stilettos and booty shorts. But if you find that at all stressful to think about, imagine how mom Michelle Obama feels about her eldest daughter being considered for pin up posters.

There’s only so much a parent can do and many parents turn to the bottle, drugs or even food. According to reports, FLOTUS Michelle Obama is packing on the pounds to cope with her daughter’s weed smoking, racy lifestyle. While many are quick to point out that Malia has few Black friends, that could be a saving grace for her. If she had some Black friends, her rise to booty short diva could be faster.

Clearly the GAP YEAR story was bogus and the Obamas were just trying to save face because Malia may have threatened not to go to college at all. Plus, a year for a hot teen is a long time so we’re hoping she’ll get her butt in school before she gets too wild. At least on a college campus, it’s hard to get truth out to the public. Ain’t nobody ready for Malia the hot girl. Let’s hope it’s just a phase our girl will return to us soon.


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