ALICIA KEYS: The Come Up or Bring Down? Alicia Keys’ new look has fans saying “We don’t know your name.”

Alicia Keys Muslim( – It would be impossible to discuss Alicia Keys of 2016 without thinking about Alicia Keys of the past. When we met her, she was a sweet, innocent artist who just wanted to sing. And sing she did. Over time as bisexual rumors began to swirl about her, Alicia’s handlers glammed her up which was fun to watch but it didn’t seem to truly fit her.

Eventually, she’d be bunned up with producer Swizz Beats around 2007 although the two hid their affair for a long time as he was married to Mashonda Dean at the time. When Alicia got pregnant and Mashonda broke her silence, we got to know Homewrecker Alicia Keys. That was a lot less fun to watch.   Before we could wrap our heads around it, we found out that Alicia and Swizz’s other side chick, Jahna Sebastian was also pregnant and gave birth to his only daughter, Nicole. As if being labeled homewrecker and Baby Mama #4 was not bad enough, we’d soon find out that Swizz was facing a possible arrest for tax evasion. Alicia had no choice but to bail him out because her reputation was already tanking.

No one knows all the details but we know that things got messy, a DNA test was demanded by Swizz of Alicia and Jahna, both of which proved he was in fact the father. Either out of embarrassment or love, Alicia stayed the court. Flash forward to 2016 and things seemed much more chilled out but in reality things are very, very complicated.

Jahna Sebastian 2 hour interviewThings seemed to have hit a place of peace until Alicia decided to release a film on refugees called LET ME IN, which probably sounded good and noble at the time but quickly backfired largely because Alicia refused to acknowledge that the video was inspired by Swizz’s child’s mother. Plus, the fact that he may have turned his back on a pregnant Jahna, who had been swept into an immigration detention center for two months clearly brought us back to the realization that Swizz Beatz has Shady McGrady tendencies. Had Alicia mentioned that her own step daughter was a refugee, the story would have likely ended there. But it almost seems that Alicia is jealous of her own step daughter.

The timing of the dispute was almost impeccable as she released the video on World Refugee Day, a few days before the BET Awards. But Jahna quickly took to social media to cry foul and that’s why you’re now reading this article and listening to PART ONE of the two hour interview in which Jahna discusses her daughter’s relationship to Alicia and herself.


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