Kyrie Irving doesn't like Black women( – After a lifetime of loving you, surrounding you and defending you, my love affair with you is over. I’m done romanticizing who you are and who you are not.

You’re not a protector of your women. You’re not committed to the Black family. You’re tunnel focused on yourself and it’s time for me to admit it.

In the last 48 hours, I’ve been ROBBED by a Black man, hit and kicked and spit on by a Black man and left for dead by two Black men only to be saved by a Latino man. I’m gonna need a minute to process this.

I did not know any of the Black men that victimized me but if this had happened to you or your Black son, I would have personally forwarded a social media post seeking justice for you. I would have likely reached out to various sources to try to help you rebuild.

The first Black man robbed me of money, bank cards and more than $4000 of dollars of photographic and media equipment as I headed to L.A. to cover an awards show that will honor a Black man named Prince Rogers Nelson at an awards show hosted by a Black man honoring Black people during Black Music Month. I also work for a black media organization. I think I can safely say I’ve been pretty committed to enhancing the lives of Black people.

The second Black man who happened to get on the elevator with me did his damage in one span of two elevator stops while another Black man whose long dreadlocks were tied back because worked at the facility was actually IN THE ELEVATOR clearning it but would later the five White male cops “I didn’t see nothing.”

It would all be shocking except the world has already told me what to expect from Black men. I’ve never bought into it. I’ve always believed, protected, guarded and respect you. NOT ANY MORE. We’re now on a case-by-case basis. I used to start everyone with an A and let them earn an F. I’m reversing my decision. Until you can show me that you’re worthy of it, you’ll have to earn that A with me. Point blank. Period.

So keep your yacht parties and your stolen championship ring. Keep your ugly Pleezuz sneakers and your acting awards for roles like Glory and Oscar Grant. Becky can have you. Keep your sob stories about how hard it is to be a Black Man in America. You’ve earned the right to hear the words: FUCK YOU.

The Black Woman You Fucked Over.


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