BLACK BACHELORS: NBA Draft inspires dating guide to help athletes find quality dates and mates

Dating Guide for the NBA Draft 2016( – When it comes to interviewing players about their personal lives or getting professional sports wives and girlfriends to open up, few have had the success that journalist DC Livers has had.

“It started as a kind of joke. I was poking fun of LaLa Anthony‘s 1000 inch custom blue heels that she wore to the press conference introducing her husband. I snapped a pic and tweeted it. People freaked out. They wanted more. Prior to LaLa, there was hardly much interest in dressing nice at the games but when she came the fashion shot through the roof. And not just for the girls. The players upped their game as well,” Livers said.

Using interviews she’s already done with professional sports wives and girlfriends – and the players themselves – Livers says she hope the guide will help keep the players from being victimized by women who seek only to take advantage of them.

“This year, the league has seen more player burglaries, scams and a couple of players have been physically injured.  Knicks player Cleanthony Early was shot and former Knick and then-Pacer Chris Copeland was stabbed blocks from The Garden in some questionable situations involving women.

“A buddy of mine from high school went to the NBA and moved his girlfriend from home to live with him. I leaned a lot about why players date who they date and why the women put up with whatever they have to put up with to remain with the men they love,” Livers said.

“These guys aren’t meal tickets to me. We all have to work together so privacy is important to all of us. I ‘ve met their kids and families on and off the court. Some of us have become friends so I’ll never discuss some things, but as a girl in the lockerroom, I’m often overlooked as ‘one of the guys’ so I hear the fellas talking about their relationships.

“Of course, I’ve also covered guys like J.R. Smith and former Knicks coach Derrick Fischer whose love lives were messier than Khloe Kardashian’s divorce. I was in the building when Kevin Garnett set off a then-separated Carmelo Anthony when he taunted him by saying, “Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”  Let’s just say, I think I can tell you what works and doesn’t when it comes to dating a professional player. I’ve seen long relationships survive the pressure and the cutest couples go belly up. I’m glad to share this information to anyone who wants to read it.

The book is direct and to the point with fun humor through in. At under 50 pages, the guide is packed and included transcripts, videos and audio interviews with players about their love lives and families. The book is due out the first week of July 2016.


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