LEBRON JAMES win championship, loses street cred as fan call him “the new Tom Brady”

LebronTomBrady - Cheaters - NBA Finals 2016(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – LeBron James wouldn’t normally be covered on BlacksinHollywood.com, a place that focuses mostly on TV, movies and film but he did such a serious job of acting during the entire Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Finals that we had to take a moment to point out a few of his best acting moments.


#1: LeBron James: The Wizard of Odd – realizing that Steph Curry is not only a better player but a better man in the eyes of fans – couldn’t take the heat so Draymond Green gets the brunt of his Kanye-like treatment. He knocks him down, stepped over him (literally), may have had a role in his Game 5 suspension, and most certainly got away with murder at every chance possible. But in Game 7 when LeBron faked a hand injury after missing a dunk, nearly everyone at the bar we were watching couldn’t believe he’d do it. It was clear from the replay, he didn’t hurt his hand. His pride: Yes. His hand: No. Still, he used the moment to shred any dignity he might have had prior.

#2: LeBron James: The Maneater – Poor Steph Curry. He saw more floor time than he was expecting and by floor time we mean LeBron knocking him to the floor action. LeBron was clearly threatened that Steph Curry had a better season including winning more games than any other team, being MVP two times in a row, etc. The league had already crown Steph the face of and the future of the NBA but LeBron couldn’t seem to handle that. His actions at time were more than a spoiled brat but seemed a little thuggish. Anyone who’s ever covered LeBron in the locker room knows he blasts music littered with the “N” word as reporters are forced to pretend not to notice. His language isn’t much better but when the cameras are rolling, he portrays a humble guy. It’s Oscar worthy stuff we’re talk about here. But if you caught the Vine video of LeBron dissing his own teammate Kevin Love who made the mistake of trying to high five him, we all got to see that LeBron is really more of a MEAN guy than a team player.

#3: LeBron James: All Hail the Thief: Social media exploded during the NBA Finals and not in a good way. People couldn’t believe a man who is as good as LeBron would resort to what was clear to many was faking the funk, sometimes flat out stealing games. It was totally a turn off and even if you like him, you’re sure to feel more than a little bit embarrassed by several moments that he showed he may have the nickname of a king but he treats people like paupers.

So congrats LeBron on your first time being the focus of BlacksinHollywood.com. It’s sad that it’s under these pretenses but you’ve certainly earned it.


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