MOMS BEHAVING BADLY: Tamera Mowry-Housely started a “mommy beef” with “braggy pics

thereal - Tamera Mowry Hosley starts mommy twitter beef over braggy gifts( – Actress turned TV talk show host, Tamera Mowry-Housely sure knows how to start a party but it comes to keeping up with the “spirt of moms” some say she’s got some work to do.

To brag or not to brag, that is the question when it comes to posting to social media on Mother’s Day. Obviously, Mowry-Housley decided to brag. That’s when things took a turn and a larger debate was born: Are braggy moms guilty of mom shaming or gift shaming? Do celebrity moms have an obligation to care about other people’s kids? It’s a lot to ponder.

“When it’s about her kids or husband or bragging about her life, she’s good for that,” said one mom who was taken aback by Mowry-Housely’s decision to skip the #BoycottMothersDay social justice campaign that took place as part of Mother’s Day Weekend. “Tamera was reached out to because she’s a mom. All she had to do was not post flashy, braggy pics on Mother’s Day to show support to the #MotherlessMothersDay project. It brings awareness to the thousands of mothers who boycotted, skipped and donate their Mother’s Day to protest at the White House, in Albany, NY and other places.

“The moms protested #FamilyCourtCorruption and the epidemic of domestic violence victims having their children removed for being domestic violence victims, made up mental health reports or when their abuses call in fake child welfare reports against them. More and more abusers are getting custody of the children they abused, but hey may Tamera doesn’t think that matters,” said the mom.

Tamera Mowry Housely's mommy beef over flashy mother's day giftsThe married mom of two posted twice about Mother’s Day – each time was encouraging the commercialization of the day and not about the struggles that moms face after domestic violence rocks their world or anything resembling social justice.

But one fan who tweets under @HairbyLeShays thought taking Mowry-Housely to task was equivalent to abusing the star for posting about her high end lifestyle. To make matters worse, @HairbyLeShays decided to overinflate her argument by saying that “abuse is abuse.” For women who have nearly died or those who have, having someone comment on a social media post that came across as braggy is hardly the same as having jaws fractures, children nearly beat out of bellys and the like. Clearly, @HairbyLeShays over thought the entire situation.

On their show with her sister, Tia Mowry, Tamera spoke at length about suffering from depression and even worrying about post partemum depression when she gave birth.

“If Tamera gave birth in New York City and wasn’t a celebrity, she would have her child taken from her at the hospital. She would see her child once a week during supervised visits why Tamera would have to take (possibly) unncessary medication, undergo multiple mental health evaluations and parenting classes,” said the mom.

“That’s what is happening right now in New York City to thousands of mothers, most of which don’t even have mental illness like Tamera has admitted to having. That’s why her decision to post bragging photos and not support the #MotherlessMothersDay movement is so hurtful. She’s waving her celebrity in the faces of moms who are summoning the courage to get out of bed and protest on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives. It’s just mean on her part to do. It’s really disappointing because that’s not the spirit of mom. It’s the spirt of “me.”



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