BREAKING NEWS: Black independent candidate joins 2016 presidential race

Homeless candidate enters presidential race

Arafa Speaks challenges Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to DEBATE “the people’s issues.”

( – Many Americans watched the results of the Indiana primary with their hands covering their eyes. Few could believe what they were seeing: Hillary lost to Bernie. Donald Trump won big. Ted Cruz dropped out.

Many verbally expressed deep disappointment with the presidential choices and the next morning Americans woke up slightly depressed over the future of American politics.

At the same time, Arafa Speaks, a very intelligent community activist who is also homeless says she saw the results and said to herself, “That’s it. I’ve had enough.” She decided to enter the race.

While it may not seem possible, Speaks’ decision to enter the Presidential race is actually legal. As an Independent candidate, she can legally enter until about 30 days before the election.  But on May 5, 2015 -also known to some as Cinco de Mayo – Speaks declared her candidancy to be the next preson to occupy the White House.

If she’s succesful, she’ll become the first woman to run the United States. Upon talking to her, it’s easy to see that she’s completely serious about her decision to run. She’s already started a blog with the help of volunteers. She’s working on setting up fundraiser efforts.


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