SEXISM in professional sports exposed: “I hope you are Bill Cosby’s next victim” BlacksinHollywood writer shares her horrific experience


( – In an attempt to expose sexism and racism in the professional sports, ESPN had real men read mean tweets to female sportswriters to their face.

One sportswriter who covers NBA and other professional sports recounts feeling sexually assaulted in the locker room by then Celtics player, “Big Baby.”

“Big Baby was very upset that I was in the locker room. He said, ‘What’s she doing here? What’s a girl doing in here?’ Then he refused to get dressed. He sat on the bench naked for a while before coming over to me, standing directly behind me – naked. I can still remember feeling his breath on my neck. I could smell his sweat. I could feel his malehood. I was terrified, humiliated and angry but I couldn’t move. I was fighting back tears and if I moved they would fall and I’d be accused of being “a hysterical chick.” The league gives us women no protections. None. I was capturing video comments by Kevin Garnett but Big Baby’s comments were so loud and obnoxious you could only hear him,” said DC Livers, who says she’s experience an equal amount of racism and sexism in the years she’s covered sports.

In the video you can hear Big Baby say, “Can you pass me my underwear … and my shoes…” as the nearly all white, all male sportswriter laugh. At one point he says, “It’s the players’ lockerrom not the media locker room,” but even as it says the words the video proves there are no reporters of color visible. He’s clearly talking about her.

“It’s pretty clear that the NBA, NFL, MLB and other professional sports agencies that I’ve covered don’t protect us as women. They expect us to shut up and take it. The mentality and unspoken rules are, “You’re asking for it.” So, we women just are too afraid to speak out. The ESPN video made me talk because I feel they are terrible at making women feel protected in the industry.  I viewed ESPN’s video as a smack in the face.”




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