OBITUARY: Prince Rogers Nelson has died. Fans pay tribute

PrinceFANtribute-BlacksinHollywood - April 21 2016 ( – Prince – the dynamic, iconic singer whose private life always made public news – has died. He was 57.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, the musician, humanitarian and some time civil rights activist, died with so much unpublished, unreleased music that a battle over his lucrative estate is already under way. Owen Husney, Prince’s first manager who signed him to the very first record deal, spoke with love about the late singer’s life. He gave a glimpse into the then-18-year-old kid who played every instrument, sang every part and wrote every song on his demo tape.

“I’m very devastated,” Husney said.

Not since the world lost Michael Jackson has such a musical lost been so hard felt by so many.
“It brings back memories of my brother of losing him,” said LaToya Jackson. “Prince was a very good friend of our family. His family was also Jehovah Witness so our families studied together. We used to go roller skating together. It was always warm and happy. He was also such a lovely gentleman. He was always a man and that’s what I liked about him because sometimes it’s hard to find that today,” LaToya said in an interview.

A fan tribute has been planned for Prince April 21, 2016 at 7pm EST. Fans can call 857-232-0157 use 106217.


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