EXCLUSIVE: Master Class #2 featuring “Chasing Destiny” star MAYAH DYSON!

Mayah_ Chasing Destiny with Kelly Rowland - breaks her silence - who will win? - BlacksinHollywood.com - DC Livers(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – When Kelly Rowland announced she was starting a journey to form a girl group that she could be proud of, many thought she might be having a mid-life crisis. Few thought she was completely serious, but one look at her hit new show, “Chasing Destiny” proves that the married mom has no intention of letting go of her security blanket: Girl Groups.

At times the show is exhausting as Rowland works too hard to make her favorites like Alexx try to fit the mold, but even at its emotional worst, Chasing Destiny is an easy, addicting hit that clearly will see itself in celebrating Season Three. Rowland’s emotional baggage is a silent character on the show and her willingness to be vulnerable is part of the show’s charm as Kelly has always been the people’s favorite DC girl.

Another reason that America has fallen in love with the show is one of its cast members, 20-year-old Mayah Dyson whose beauty, brains and grace are captivating, inspiring and fierce. She is a break out star and already her name has been floated for projects like Brandy or Lauryn Hill’s biopic and even Broadway.

BlacksinHollywood.com was granted an exclusive one-on-one with the young star for our Master Class series. Here’s a sneak peek.

FULL INTERVIEW will be available for download on April 19, 2016.


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