BABY’S COMING: Fetty Wap’s baby mama drama goes viral

babymama1( – If you didn’t want to know about Fetty Wap’s sex life, join the club. But thanks to social media, Mona’s “Love and Hip Hop” franchise and VH1, we’re about to know way too much about the alleged devil worshiping trap music star.

His alleged baby mama number three – Masiska – who has been with so many guys since the show aired it’s a little hard to keep up – is in labor. So here’s the family tree – baby mama style.

Baby Mama #2:


Baby Mama #3: Masiska from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Our sources say Masika pleaded that she’d taken the Pill, but it didn’t work — and Fetty responded by telling Masika  she’s be having the baby on her own, but he’s already arrived in L.A. for the birth (with VH1 camera in tow). We’re told he texted, “I ain’t comin round helping yu none of that I’m lettin yu no now.”


Baby Mama #4: Unknown Fan Girl
fetty wap baby mama number three is due april 2016She says she was “fangirling” over Fetty Wap and let him “go in raw but I regret it.” She says she’s due at the end of April 2016.

But he’s rumored to still dating two other women including one he calls his “Day One,” as well as  model Alexis Sky and another girl.

fetty alexis sky



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