OUCH! Cardi B checks Peter Gunz on Love & Hip Hop Reunion

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – It would be impossible to say she wasn’t right. That’s because aspiring rapper Cardi B, the comical cast member on Love & Hip Hop New York, stole America’s hearts with her now famous saying, “…and what not….” but she made it clear that when it comes to men like Peter Gunz, you need to get from these guys what you want.

petergunz_photos of his nine kidsRemy Ma chimed in and defended Cardi B’s comments saying, “That’s not what she’s saying. What’s she’s saying is if I f*ck with [someone], you wanna lay down with me you don’t want me to have some place to wash my azz? But it’s okay to ask a chick for [sex] on the first date.”

“You gotta a love from them you got everything you wanted from me. Look what you gave Tara and Amina: Babies and that’s it. Are you paying both of their rent?” Peter said, “Yes.” Cardi B shot right back saying, “You know you’re not paying their rent.”

You can say a lot about Peter and his kids, but he makes beautiful children.


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