IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Kids Choice Awards blew into Los Angeles and took over!


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( – If you didn’t know that kids ruled before, the 2016 Kids Choice Awards certainly made sure you know now.

In what can only be called a slimy green take over, kids bum rushed The Forum in Los Angeles, CA leaving parents behind with their noses pressed to the glass wondering what happened to their little babies who are now clearly in between childhood and racing quickly to the teen years. was LIVE on the scene as it all went down from the pre-event festivities to the concert to the official after parties that resembled a kid’s dream on Christmas Eve.

With an ice cream bar, a milk bar complete with flashing ice cube, a food buffet fit for three miniature kings combined with a pimped out style lounge that featured orange and white leather couches, bing bags and throw rugs, a giant flatscreen TV to show the latest Nickelodeon shows and even a fun swag bag, this party was definitely one that left kids elated and parents wide eyed in wonder how they will survive the teen years that suddenly seemed much closer than they did the day before.

Kids Choice_black kids_DCLivers-2



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