SHE AIN’T HAVING IT: Remy Ma shuts down haters as son makes TV debut after being stabbed in New York City

remy-ma-husband-papoose-1( – It’s been a little while since reported that Remy Ma’s son, Jayson, was stabbed in New York City. spoke with Papoose by text to give a heads up about our plan to name the source. We felt it was important to disclose who provided us with the “insider information” ONLY because we needed to ensure our credibility. With Papoose denying the stabbing even happened, there was no way for either party to proceed without disclosure about how BlacksinHollywood has so much information on the stabbing. So who was it?

While we’d normally never divulge a source, the situation seems to mandate it. When her son was stabbed, at first the couple denied it happened. In fact, as media outlets reachd out to them to confirm the story, some say that they were told by Remy and Papoose directly that “it never happened.” Of course, it did happen but a bigger question could be: Why wouldn’t you want people to know that your son was stabbed? Our guess is that Mona Scott and VH1 have found some way to leak information to TMZ and the like, if she hasn’t already.

Either way, this was a matter that required to put the cards on the table – but NOT knuckle to pressure from Papoose – and ensure that the public know that the child was in fact stabbed.

Rah Ali, while likely meaning to divulge the information out of respect for Remy Ma and hoping to get the word out, was the direct source who provided the information. She was at the hospital with Remy and provided critical details for to be able to verify the information prior to publication.

Fans of the show saw Remy’s gorgeous ice princess wedding play out on the reality show. They also saw Papoose give Rah Ali the side eye, question her loyalty to Remy and eventually “squash things.” Considering how close his wife is with her friend, Papoose has to know that he could be skating on thin ice by demanding that Rah Ali show and prove her friendship, but considering how much this man loves his woman, it could be Rah that may need to watch her step. In the end, though, the two friends seem to find a way to make up and that’s really all that matters.

But it’s not really clear if Remy’s really “over it.” In fact, on her Instagram page she posted a few very blunt posts that seemed to call out Rah Ali and others who were “supposed” to help with the wedding. Remy confides in her fans that she had little help planning and executing her big day.


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