AWKWARD MOMENTS at The Oscars: #3 – Sam Smith asked “Do Black Lives Matter?”

8 Awkward Moments at The Oscars( – It was America’s most glamourous night but for some it was a night of protests, tense racial division and controversy. But if you were in the interview room following the Oscars, you’ll know it all good and a bag of chips.

From Leo DiCaprio receiving a roaring applaud from the media as he stepped into the Oscars Interview Room to give his first official press conference to the journalists to Mark Rylance’s brave speech to the press, it was easy to see why many would think that Oscar award winning singer Sam Smith would breeze through his press conference.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. During his Oscar Acceptance speech, Smith said he was the first openly gay man to win. He was quickly taking to task by social media, journalists and others. Even members of the press seemed confused why he would make such a bold statement without checking the facts prior.

So when was given the opportunity to have the last question of the night with Sam Smith, our reporter wanted to remind him that despite mistakes he was valued and appreciated.  (Read Sam’s Answer)Sam Smith answer question: “Do Black Lives Matter?”

Before asking the question about Black Lives Matter,’s reporter thanked him for his music and paying homage to African American singers and songwriters with his song choices. She said, “Black Twitter loves your voice” before asking him directly, “Do Black Lives Matter?”

It was hardly a question that should avoid any longer. As a representative of one of the few Black-owned media outlets in the interview room, many had approached her for her thoughts on Black Lives Matter. Several had checked in to see if Chris Rock’s comments were offensive and at times she felt like a spokesperson for Black America.

“I chose Sam Smith to ask the question because I adore him. I love his music, you can feel his heart when he sings. I knew that he would be the most receptive to the question and that I could ask it in a way that was not done maliciously but with respect to the protesters outside and the host, who received many threats.

“I knew that I could ask Sam Smith because he dedicated his speech to the gay community so I knew he understood a little bit of the pressure that I was feeling to ask the question to anyone. I loved his answer. I appreciated it. Mostly, I was glad it was over. I’d asked the question and gotten an answer. Now its up to the Oscars to finish the diversity work that it has started. I can honestly say from what I saw, I felt that the conversation was not swept under the rug or ignored. I hope that all the parties can come together and do the work that is necessary to move the conversation further.

Sam’s Answer: ”



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