WHEELS UP: Jet Blue upgrades our Oscars travel experience

jet Blue free unlimited snacks 2016(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – If you’re ready to straigthten up and fly right, you need to switch to Jet Blue airlines.

With free, unlimited snacks and drinks, flat screen TVs equipped with Direct TV, movies and entertainment at every seat, our travel reporter found herself saddened to think that the trip from New York City to Los Angeles was coming to an end.

Jet Blue offers a luxurious commercial¬†travel experience that will make you want to pick really long flights so you stay aboard and enjoy the benefits. They even have what some may call a “Pimped out suite,” which allows you to have a private experience like none other.

Jet Blue real life travel experience 2016 - BlacksinHollywood.com

Considering that when our reporter lands in Los Angeles she experience hours of torturous dress fittings all day! It’s easy to see why she wouldn’t want the Jet Blue experience to end. (Did we mention FREE UNLIMITED, help yourself snacks?! Plus in seat satellite map that shows what city you are blowing past in real time at 485 mph!

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