CELEBRITY HEALTH: Lamar Odom continues to be controlled by Khloe and the Kardashian media circus

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – The Lamar Odom we all once knew and loved is no more. After his terrible medical crisis, he’s struggled to regain life but it’s clear that he will never be the same. Although his legal-on-paper and when it’s financially convenient wife, Khloe Kardashian is currently calling the shots. BlacksinHollywood.com spoke with multiple sources who are very close to the situation and his real family and it’s safe to assume this:
Lamar’s family is pissed.

At this hour, we’re told that Lamar’s kids are trying to speed up the divorce process saying their father is being manipulated and controlled by Khloe, who just a month ago dissed
Lamar when it seemed that she would be able to hold on to on-again, off-again boyfriend, James Harden. As NBA All Star weekend kicks off, Lamar’s family and friends are praying that Khloe doesn’t try to pimp him out again” by taking him to Toronto, where the games are being held.

BlacksinHollywood.com spoke with reps for Kardashian who said that “khloe manipulates Lamar OdomThe Kardashians are his family. They are the only source of support he has. Khloe is calling the shots and she will decide who sees him, when, how long and why. She’s his wife. That’s her right.”

Photos show Lamar at the Kanye West concert at Madison Square Garden (See Gallery Below) and with what appears to be an alcoholic drink in his hand. A source close to Khloe says she’s trying to get him to appear on her soon-to-be-cancelled TV show, Kocktails with Khloe.

Already, the Kardashians have been attempting to milk the situation with Kim Kardashian – who slams Odom often on camera – taking a photo of the two time NBA Champion as they took a private walk. But because nothing is private with the Kardashian, Lamar’s “family hike” turned into a media circus. E! Network has cameras rolling and leaked photos to various  media outlets of the estranged couple boarding a private jet, getting into private cars and pretty much their entire trip. Since Lamar is no longer on the show, it’s clear that the family is trying to find legal loop holes to exploit Lamar. But, as BlackTwitter is sounding off, he could run the risk of losing his Black supporters if he continues to alienate his family, children and others by allowing Khloe to control him like a puppet.

LISTEN NOW: Popular Black shrink Dr. Jeff Gardere offered advice to Lamar.


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