SUPER BOWL BOYCOTT over lack of Media Diversity heats up

SuperBowl_Boycott( – When BlacksinHollywood first reported that Super Bowl 50 rolled through San Francisco Bay Area without showing any love to the Black community or the Black-owned media industry, things were tense. But since then, things have gone from bad to worse.

While NFL is on blast, so is the National Association of Black Journalists, who Black-owned media outlets feel are guilty of reverse discrimination.

Despite the fact that the NFL is comprised of over 90% African American players and a Black quarterback is starring in the big game, Black-owned media outlets who reached out to BlacksinHollywood say that the few Black outlets that were allowed to cover the Super Bowl, they were given “second class” media credential and no access to Cam Newton.

Oreo Journalism doesn’t count, say critics. Oreo Journalism is when a Black face is representing a White-owned media outlet used to boost mainstream media’s hold on premium content while creating a racial scapegoat in the process.


One thought on “SUPER BOWL BOYCOTT over lack of Media Diversity heats up

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