EXCLUSIVE: Bob Marley’s family launches “Marley Natural,” a high-end medical cannibis aimed at the Black community

Bob Marley

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com)  – Before Remy Ma and Papoose. Before Bobby and Whitney. Before Martin and Coretta there was Bob and Rita Marley. Their love story defied all odds.

Now with $150 billion a year being spent on marijuana, the fight is on to see who will become a leader in the cannabis industry. For many, the thought of the memory of the late, great Reggae singer, Bob Bob-and-Rita-MarleyMarley, a Jamaican-born musician who became a global superstar and advocated for peace, unity, social justice and personal freedom through his music, their thoughts soon drift to cannabis.

His children and widow are hoping that’s exactly who you think of when you think of cannabis. That’s why with its February 5, 2016 launch, Marley Natural – which offers premium cannabis in Bob Marley’s honor – joined a growing field of celebrity-branded marijuana products.

BlacksInHollywood_LOVE EDITION“We’re not only natural in how we source our products and how they’re made; it’s important for us to demonstrate to people that the herb can be a natural part of life, which was the way Bob viewed it,” says a Marley Natural spokesman, who spoke exclusively with BlacksinHollywood.com.

“So that’s what we’re hoping to do really with this brand — help people understand the herb the way Bob did.”

Sales will be in certain jurisdictions where regulations permit, Marley Natural will begin offering heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains inspired by those Bob Marley enjoyed. In addition to cannabis, Marley Natural will offer cannabis- and hemp-infused topical creams, including sun repair creams and lotions containing Jamaican botanical creams such as aloe and coconut.

marley kids

“Daddy would be happy about it,” said Marley’s daughter Cedella, pictured with mom, Rita and brother, Rohan.

Bob Marley’s greatest hits compilation, Legend, is the world’s best-selling reggae album, with more than 27 million copies sold worldwide. Marley was also a well-known advocate for “the herb,” as he called cannabis, which he said brought him inner peace and furthered his creativity. “When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself,” Marley said.

With the February 5, 2016 launch, Marley Natural joins a growing field of celebrity-branded marijuana products, as investors look to capitalize on a burgeoning market. Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa have all started or lent their names to various weed-related ventures, but few stars are as universally synonymous with the drug as Marley, who spoke and sang at length of its spiritual and healing powers. Marley Natural believes its products will help spread that message, even in traditional retailers selling its hemp seed body care products.


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