EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talk with Eddie Levert as he shares his biggest regrets and how President Obama holds the key to his dreams


(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) –  When it comes to sexy older men, few people can hold a candle singer to Eddie Levert.

In what she calls her most “embarrassing interview ever,” audio historian DC Livers’ school girl crush on Eddie Levert gets the best of her as the legendary singer reveals surprising details about his biggest regrets in life, how he’s coping after losing sons Sean and Gerald and why President Obama holds the key to his unfulfilled bucket list.

While most of people have grown up listening to their grandparents, parents or aunts spinning his family’s tracks at birthday parties, family reunions or even when it’s time to make babies, a new generation of listeners is now discovering Eddie Levert’s music.

He called me “darling” twice in the interview and I felt like I needed oxygen. I’m not even sure what happened to me. I am just glad he doesn’t sue me for sexual harassment. But seriously, Eddie Levert is a Renaissance Man. He represents the last of the real men, back when men were men and proud of it. It was such an honor to have the chance to tell him that,” Livers said. “What he revealed to me about President Obama broke my heart. It’s such an important interview for us all to hear, especially for Black History.”

Break out the candles. Turn off the lights and listen to Eddie Levert’s melodic voice as he shares intimate details about his life.

Eddie Levert has a long history of wooing the ladies. Take a look at this classic performance of The O’Jay’s mega hit, “Forever Mine.”


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