EXCLUSIVE: BOYCOTT of Super Bowl 50 being considered by San Francisco’s Black community


(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – On the heels of the dust up surrounding the 2016 Oscars’ decision to nominate only White actors, a new situation is brewing. The photo above was taken at the Super Bowl’s media room, which clearly shows the lack of Black-owned and other ethnic media outlets at the event.

BlacksinHollywood.com has exclusively learned that several Black-owned media outlets in the San Franciso Bay Area and across the U.S. are unhappy that the NFL isn’t doing enough to include them.

In fact, some point out that the Super Bowl Gospel event that happens annually wasn’t announced until recently, making many feel that the event is in jeopardy.

In an exclusive email sent to BlacksinHollywood.com’s DC Livers, an executive of one of the area’s top Black media outlets spoke out.

superbowl50_boycott_oscars_2016“We’re starting to get “invites” to “official” super bowl events with $100 minimum price tags,” said the source. “Unlike New Orleans where everybody gets into hype of “the big event” happening in the Crescent City, people are not happy about the Super Bowl being in SF.”

The source went on to explain the reason why The Super Bowl committee must do more to ensure diversity.

“I mentioned the political dysfunction in the region; it appears the city and county where the game is being held is being reimbursed for all non game day, NFL mandated costs such as Media Day but San Francisco [SF] is not being reimbursed for similar costs.  Also street merchants are being rousted from their usual venues and a major Farmers Market is being displaced as well.

“After sending some nasty letters to some high up people, and I think the heat the Oscars is getting for a lack of Black nominees, our media row credentials requests are being reconsidered.  I guess you heard about the BLM [Black Lives Matter] protesters blocking the Bay Bridge on MLK day.  As  I mentioned the distance between the press center in SF and the venue for media day and the game stadium is half the distance between NYC and Philly and protesters, including BLM protesters say they may block the main freeway from SF to Santa Clara/San Jose so if you’re going to either, I would not depend on NFL provided shuttles and plan for alternate self provided transportation that will allow you to use alternate routes protesters likely will not try to block.”


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