YOU DECIDE: Who is the sexiest father and son combo in Black Hollywood?

Romeo Master P Miller ( – Okay, let’s just get this out the way, shall we? Many people reading this remember Lil Romeo from his super cute video “My Baby” and being the founder of Rap Chips. But if you’ve been living under a rock, Lil Romeo is now Romeo (sometimes Rome) Miller. Oh yeah, he’s also freaking hot in a cougar kind of way.

His new show, “Growing Up Hip Hop,” that airs on WeTV, is causing cougars and their teenaged daughters hot flashes. But he and his dad, Master P, aren’t the only hotties in Black Hollywood. So, now is YOUR chance to decide. Who is the Hottest Father and Son Combo in Black Hollywood?

CANDIDATES #1: Eddie and Gerald Levert
father son Gerald and Eddie LevertAlthough Gerald Levert passed away in 2006, ten years later his fans can’t get him out of their minds. He was one of the sexiest big men in the business and his dad, Eddie, is still causing convulsions during his concerts and holding down the family’s sexy rep.

CANDIDATES #2: Mario and Melvin Van Peeples

mario van peeblesMario’s father, Melvin, was so sexy as a young man, Google didn’t even bother trying to block his photos. He was such a sex symbol it was hard to imagine another younger version of him, WHAM! along came son Mario.

Both men are in demand filmmakers (New Jack City, Posse), amazing dads and super duper sexy.

Look at the six pack that dad is packing. That’s just the beginning. A quick Google search will reveal pics to hot for BiH to publish (thank us later.)

CANDIDATES #3 Will Smith and son Treywill smith2

Many people think if Jayden when they think of Will Smith’s son, but his first son, Trey, is quickly turning heads. Although he was passed up for the show, “Growing Up Hip Hop,” you shouldn’t count Trey out.

Don’t look for him at the Oscars, Trey’s definitely got some things he’s working on and a few sexy tricks up his sleeve.

Growing-Up-Hip-Hop-posterCANDIDATES #4 Master P and son Romeo Miller (see above)

Romeo is a “hood star who learned from the best hood star” as he says in his catchy track, “You can’t shine like me.”

Fast forward to 2016 and you’ll find Romeo on a quest to show his grown up side, explore acting and being named president of his dad’s company, “No Limit Records,” Romeo is surprising audiences with his maturity, likeability and down-to-earth personality. He’s easy to look at and even easier to like.

So, who will YOU vote for?


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