REVIEW: “Kocktails with Khloe” is a klunky embarassment

Kocktails with Khloe rview( – With her best friend Malika Haaq in rehab for alcohol and/or drugs, her husband Lamar Odom in rehab for drugs and a near death experience and her own reputation in desperate need of rehab after milking Odom’s illness and fake baking holiday pies, Khloe Kardashian should have quit while she was ahead.

She was fired from Celebrity Apprentice after being arrested on a DUI and flopped as co-host of “X Factor” TV show with Mario Lopez, Khloe doesn’t seem to have a clue how to make good TV.

Snoop and Kendall JennerThe saddest part of her new show isn’t just that she has nothing to offer or say, but she doesn’t seem to value her own “brand” because she definitely does more damage than good.

Despite Black “friends” Snoop Dogg, Aisha Tyler and Kim Whitley “stopping” by the set, which is a mock version of her house, Khloe’s one episode in and the show is already in trouble. She basically teaches kids how to do drugs, shows she is invisible without her sisters and doesn’t seem to feel she has anything to offer except riding the “Kardashian” bandwagon.

If you’re home with the flu and Khloe’s show comes on, turn the channel. Unless you need to throw up, then her show is the perfect remedy.

* * out of 5


5 thoughts on “REVIEW: “Kocktails with Khloe” is a klunky embarassment

  1. Her show is total garbage. I don’t expect Khloe to be able to attract quality guests to appear on her show. Her guests will only consist of washed up has beens and of course………her family! I thought it was ridiculous that she had her guests playing a stupid game in which they had to read a script. This show is basically a repeat of the Kris Jenner show and we all know what a train wreck that talk show was. I don’t understand why networks keep giving this family air time. These Kardashian/Jenner women have absolutely nothing intelligent to talk about. They can only carry on a conversation if the topic is about s ex, selfies and themselves of course.


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