EXCLUSIVE: Remy Ma’s son stabbed, recovering

remy ma son stabbed - blacksinhollywood

January 24, 2016 UPDATE: Our source tells us that Remy Ma’s son is doing better after being stabbed in New York City. Remy Ma and her husband, Papoose, have tried to keep the story hushed to avoid media attention because the details of the stabbing are troubling. Papoose has gone as far as to tell media outlets that the stabbing never happened, but it did happen. Many wonder why they are not willing to discuss an even so serious.

“He’s covering it up, but you can’t cover up a stabbing of a child. He’s the type of person who can scare people from writing about things he doesn’t want written about, but keeping the stabbing a secret could be a crime. They should just come clean about what happened,” said one of our sources, which is very close to the situation.


In a series of text messages, Papoose expressed shock and anger of the article. He was very upset that BiH had so much information. Papoose insisted upon being told the source but when we reminded him that our sources are confidential, he replied saying “It’s a child. You’re an asshole.”

FOURTH UPDATE (Jan 19, 10:40am): After some “interesting” text messages exchanged with Papoose, speaking with the hospital and our confidential source, BlacksinHollywood.com stands by this report.

THIRD UPDATE (12:59am): Remy Ma’s husband has been impressing people with his love and protection of Remy, so it is no surprise that he had something to say about our article on the incident involving her son.

SECOND UPDATE (10:10pm): BlacksinHollywood.com has learned that Remy Ma and Papoose are being comforted by her longtime friend, Rah Ali. While the two were seen fighting on Love and Hip Hop’s January 18, 2016 show, we can exclusively report that Rah is in fact at the hospital to comfort her friend.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Remy Ma’s son Jayson is in stable condition. He was taken to Albert Einstein Hospital in Morris Park neighborhood in the Bronx. Remy Ma, her husband Papoose and family are with Jayson at this hour. MEDIA OUTLETS must credit BlacksinHollywood.com

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Sometimes life imitates art, as in the case of Remy Ma whose birth name is Reminisce Smith. Growing up against the odds on the mean streets of New York, like many young Black girls in the hood, Remy Ma felt that she to “be hard” in order to be heard. As one of the few successful female MCs in the industry, Remy Ma is no stranger to tough times and violence that sometimes plagues the music industry.

After eight years of being imprisoned for a violent incident with a former friend, Remy Ma has recently been released and is starring on the popular reality TV show, “Love and Hip Hop” which airs on Mondays on Viacom’s VH1 Network.

It’s easy to see that Remy Ma is trying to change her life. In fact, she spends a considerable amount of time on the show addressing how she  felt being away from her son. Her husband is trying to help keep her from “being tested,” since she is on probation.

In an exclusive conversation with BlacksinHollywood’s DC Livers, a source very close to the situtation revealed that Remy’s son was stabbed in New York City on Martin Luther King Day. His condition was revealed to BlacksinHollywood.com but we’re not yet able to publish it out of respect for the family.


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