BLACK SUPER BOWL: Black quarterbacks Cam Newton and Russell Wilson match up

Cam Newton vs. Russell Wilson Black Super Bowl
( – Even though their teams will not actually meet up at Super Bowl 50, Black quaterbacks Russell Wilson (Seahawks) and Cam Newton (Panthers) have Black Twitter buzzing about their January 17, 2016 match up. In fact, is calling it “BLACK SUPER BOWL.”

So, are you Team Wilson or Team Newton?Russell Wilson vs. Cam Newton
What many people love about the MVP award is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. Is it the most productive player in the NFL? Is it the most valuable player relative to his team? Is it the most productive player – while maintaining a high level of efficiency? WHAT IS THE MVP AWARD?! Views vary and that’s okay. Some believe you can view the award in many ways – and even in a combination of these ways. For so many people, the combination of all of them. A combination of stats, efficiency, value relative to the team, and their impact as a leader of their team.


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