CASTING OPPORTUNITY: Upcoming dating show casting African Americans, Latinos

dating( – If you’re looking for love and an opportunity to search for it on camera, this may be your lucky break. Send a two minute video of why you’re a great catch, what you’re looking for in a mate and what your biggest pet peeve is in relationships to blackpress [at]

The video should follow this script:

“Hi. My name is  _____________. I’m from _________ and I’m _____ years old. I prefer to date people who are (pick one: older/younger). I’m looking for someone who is (pick one: in great shape/has a few extra pounds/big and cuddly). I would (pick one: never/absolutely) leave a person who couldn’t cook. I am (pick one: not looking/looking) to get married. My ideal first date would be ___________________. I believe women (pick one: should/should not) pick up the check on dates. I’m a good catch because _____________________.”

Please keep your videos to TWO MINUTES.


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