CONFESSIONS of a CELEBRITY REPORTER: Love & Hip Hop NY’s Cisco put it on me

Love and Hip Hop - Cisco is ready for loveby DC Livers
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( – By now it’s easy to see why my friends call me a jaded journalist. I don’t think there is anyone that I haven’t interviewed, photographed or met that I really want to meet. I’m at the point with celebrities where I truly just think of them as ‘part of the job.’ I don’t get star struck anymore. I’m pretty numb to the whole thing at this point.

That’s why I didn’t expect to find myself gazing into the eyes of music producer/reality TV star Cisco Rosado. Maybe it was the open bar that was flowing in the VIP section of the official Season 6 premiere viewing party at Wing Stop in Harlem, NY. Considering that he had on sunglasses, I’m not really sure whatever the heck I was doing can be considered “gazing” but I was certainly starring.

From the few times I have been tortured by watching the show, I always liked Cisco’s swag. When he’s not in full fledged “creep mode,” he sometimes seems vulnerable. Watching him cry and wipe snot from his nose as he opened up to his mother about how her absence messed him up and makes it hard to trust women, I felt a realness about him that I haven’t seen on Reality TV since Patrick “Tango” Hunter broke it off with Tiffany “I Love New York” Pollard.

Ironically, it was that show that got me in this entire Reality TV mess in the first place. Who can forget the now infamous interview that I did with Tango shortly after he dumped New York on LIVE TV? His first interview was with me – a fact I didn’t know when I agreed to do the interview. Apparently, I was speaking very low into the phone during the interview because comments on the YouTube video were pretty scandalous. One person even accused me of “having an orgasm” during the over-the-phone interview.

I’ve never met Tango in person, though I did speak with him a few times after the interview. We’ve always had a cousin or sibling like relationship. There was never any fireworks or inappropriate behavior. He’s just a real down to earth guy who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in order to get it.

miss-new-york-tango-400a050207Cisco reminds me a lot of Tango. Both men are definitely easy on the eyes, have a masculine swag that gets them noticed and make it clear they are looking for lasting love. But they also have something else. I call it “Dat Thang.” They are charismatic, compassionate and when you the let you in they are teddy bears but can also be complete hot heads ready to get down in a moment’s notice. Both Tango and Cisco each could easy have their own spin off dating show and score massive numbers.

Because I pretty much started the “interview Reality TV star as the show is airing” genre, I know what I’m talking about. I can spot talent a mile away. I can always tell when ones have star qualities. Cisco definitely has it. A few times when he was talking he started sounding like the adult on Charlie Brown. I found myself just by in “gaze” mode. If he can put it on me like that, girls on Reality TV shows do not stand a fighting chance. VH1 should really explore him.

What I liked most about him was his humble, grateful nature. He made sure to give credit to his publicist, manager and even the Love and Hip Hop crew. When I tried to guide him into talking more about himself, he blushed and attempted to redirect the conversation to include the whole cast not just himself. If he’s not ready for a hood love dating show, I’m not sure who is.

Below is the Question and Answer interview:

DC: “So we’re here with Love and Hip Hop star Cisco. How you doing tonight?”

Cisco: “I’m doing real good.”

DC: “I see. So, we’ve just watched the season premiere of the new season. My goodness. A lot went down. Did you expect all that to happen?”

Cisco: “You never know what’s going to happen on this show.”

DC: “You are certainly very popular on the show. It’s kind of hard to keep up with who you’re with from time-to-time. Do you think people get the wrong idea about you? Do you think you’re unfairly judged?”

Cisco: “You know. I’m not perfect. I’m not perfect. But, I’m trying. I’m just out here looking for love.” [I’m pretty should I blacked out right here or fainted.]

DC: “Looking for love, huh. Ok. Better not go there. But seriously, you’ve done some kind of sleaze ball stuff on the show. But the moment that really stuck out about you for me was watching you cry as you were talking to your mother. Do you have find it hard to open up?”

Cisco: “That was a tough thing. It was real hard. Real hard. But I had to say what I to say so I could move passed it all.”

cisco microsoft kids

Cisco took some time to play video games with kids at Microsoft

DC: “Whatever you’re doing is working. You’re getting really popular on the show. How does that feel?”

Cisco: “I have to thank this young lady right here [motions to his manager/publicist]. She’s really makes it all happen. You know, originally I was trying to have a show with my ex-girlfriend but that didn’t work but she kept on looking for opportunities for me. She got me this opportunity, so I’m really grateful.”

DC: “That’s what’s up. Never give up. Do you have any new projects you’re working on?”

Cisco: “Well, tonight is not about me. It’s about all of us and about celebrating the premiere of the new season. I don’t want to be selfish and make it about me.”

DC: “Fair enough, but I’m sure you’re working on something.”

Cisco: “We’re all working on something.”

DC: “Noted. Is there a Twitter handle or Instagram where your fans can follow you and find out what you’re up to?

Cisco: “Yep. Cisco_Rosado.”

DC: “Well, thank you for your time. I enjoyed talking with you.”

Cisco: “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

DC: “It was fun. I wish you the best.”

Cisco: “Thank you.”




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