SHONDA RHIMES is so yesterday. Anthony Anderson’s “Anacostia” is the new truth!


( – Shonda Rhimes has certainly enjoyed her share of success, but with her one-track mind of forcing certain characters on to viewers, she’s become a bit of a bore.

That’s why is excited to report that Anacostia director, Anthony Anderson is the future.

He’s one of the few Black filmmakers and soap opera directors who has managed to land top name talent on his projects without the budgets that directors like Lee Daniels, Rhimes or Spike Lee enjoy.

Daytime Emmy winner and soap icon, Elizabeth Hubbard, who portrayed Lucinda Walsh for years on As the World Turns, has joined the “Anacostia” world of the web series.  Elizabeth will play a role specifically created for her – that of Eva Montgomery.

Anacostia will film its new season this fall in Washington D.C.  Series creator Anderson said about the casting addition of Hubbard:  “We are incredibly excited to have the amazing Elizabeth Hubbard join us for Anacostia this year.  It was so hard keeping such a huge secret from the loyal viewers of the series. Ms. Hubbard is a legend and is one of the true architects of Daytime Drama. This is a dream come true. The episodes are gripping and compelling and I am sure will be a treat for all of Ms. Hubbard’s fans to see her again doing what she loves.”

lucindaMartha Byrne, who won a Daytime Emmy last year for her role on Anacostia will be reunited this season with her former on-screen mother!  Bryne actually co-wrote the story arc for Hubbard with Anderson and will make her directorial debut in scenes featuring the two actresses.  Byrne commented:  “I’ve said it many times, Liz forever changed the course of my life with her willingness to treat me as a peer, even as a teenager. To be able to write for her and guide her as a director is something I never thought possible in my career. Thanks to Anthony and Liz, I have another opportunity to work with one of the most influential people in my life. I can’t wait for the fans to see what we have planned.” 

But there was an even more intriguing news!  Long time soap fans know that Elizabeth Hubbard’s life has been colorful, dramatic, and unique.  Martha Bryne has also announced her plans to film a docustory on Liz.  She related on her new project:  “For years I’ve wanted to the world to see the Liz I’ve gotten to know throughout my life. Her experiences in daytime are ones that everyone in our industry and beyond need to know. Who Liz is outside the world of soaps is filled with bravery, humanity, fearlessness  and humor. Being a witness to her life, I’m a richer person for it and so are millions of others. I’m hoping our audience for this piece will learn more about Liz and walk away with a greater understanding of what drives her. She’s amazing.”




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