Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie goes viral: “This changes Black America. It’s ground breaking pie.”

Blackfoodchannel(  – Just in tine for the holidays, Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie is taking the world by storm.

One male reviewer summed it up like this:

“Ladies if you’re single and you’re trying to hook a man, you need to go buy one of these Patti LaBelle pies. Put in the oven for as long as it says to put in the oven for. Make it warm. You lure that dude over there with the fury temperatures and give a piece of pie. He’s going to eat it like groceries. The pie and the pie. It’s delicious. The Black people in Walmart were warranted for smuggling multiple pies in their buggies. This would give somebody’s grandma a run for their money.”

Thanks to James Wright Chanel, Ms. Patti’s new line of sweet potato pies have been flying off the shelves at Walmart. The pies sell for under $4.00 each. James’ instantly viral review because his LIVE taste test and eventual satisfaction caused him to “turn into Patti LaBelle.” He began singing “If Only You Knew,” “Isn’t It A Shame,” and “When You’ve Been Blessed” hitting impressive high notes. His video has since been viewed over six million times. Ms. Patti was so happy she personally called him and even reposted the video on her Facebook page.

Watch James’ video and a couple others which are equally funny right now.LIVE TASTE TEST #1




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