LIVE TV ALERT: “The Wiz” performed LIVE prompting online race war

The-Wiz Live - Neyo Queen Latifah – If you’re like most people, you were excited to see the new star-studded cast of “The Wiz” which previously starred Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Stephanie Mills, the original Dorothy, debut of musical talent Shanice Williams, the current Dorothy. Her version of “Home” was well received and rightfully so. But it was David Alan Grier whose performance surprised audiences and even made the lion turn into a sex symbol.

“Women finally understand how men were attracted to Jessica Rabbit. David Alan Grier’s lion was hot!” said reviewer DC Livers.

Mills, who originated the role in the 1975 Broadway production of “The Wiz” that was also popularized by Diana Ross in the 1978 film adaptation, is cast as Auntie Em in the new version. And clearly Mills hasn’t lost any of the power that came through on stage 40 years ago. Nor does Williams, whose debut is eagerly awaited, get overpowered by the pressured.

Racists hit up Twitter during the LIVE production of “The Wiz” to express their displeasure with the “all-Black cast” using hashtag #WhiteTwitter and #WhiteLivesMatter




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