AWKWARD AWESOMENESS: Justin Timberlake is still a douche for the Janet Jackson mess, but he MURDERED remake of Etta James original

( – African Americans created country music, but it’s been taken over by others and does a good job of making folks feel that it does not belong to us anymore. Hard as they may have tried, Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton’s duet at the 49th Annual Country Music Awards was as ethnic as could be. Truth be told, if Anthony Hamilton and Tyrese did the song, it would be like vintage Shaq smashing the glass while playing basketball. Whatever your thoughts on Justin are or even country music, you’ll likely appreciate this performance.

On a side note, exactly how long will it be before the music industry gives a tribute to the late B.B. King? The BETA

BUT if you really liked that song, just know that it is an almost DIRECT remake of Etta James’ banger, “I’d Rather Go Blind.”


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