SPOTLIGHT: The WestBrooks bring sisterhood and drama to reality TV to primetime

The-Westbrook-sisters - - DCLivers ( – Just when you were ready to write off Reality TV comes a fresh, new series that has people talking. Maybe it’s the visual eye candy or the fact that these five sisters are actually sistahs, but whatever it is it’s working.

The WestBrooks, also known to some as “The First Family of Social Media,” features sisters: India, Crystal, Bree, Morgan and Brooke, with more than two million followers. The series will go behind the tweets and posts to follow the insta-famous family as they work to establish the “WestBrooks Brand,” while doing all that they can to keep their tight-knit family intact, in the midst of new found fame and celebrity. Viacom’s BET launched the new series, “The WestBrooks” on October 14, 2015 and so far the response has been pretty good. caught up with the women and they talked about their excitement with the new show. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned for what they had to say. Until then, here’s some things that we learned about them:

About “#THEWESTBROOKS” ladies:

  • – Brooke (@shes_brookelauren) is the big sister and heart of the WestBrooks family. This grounded mother of three is fiercely protective of her sisters as she makes plans to rule the fitness and fashion worlds with a focus on under-appreciated plus size woman.
  • – India (@indialove) is the pampered princess of the family. Most known for her rumored associations with multiple Hip Hop A-listers, this burgeoning model/fashionista stays busy juggling business meetings with posting endless selfies to her active social media accounts.
  • – Crystal (@westbrooks.crystal) is the free spirited, peace loving, hippy of the family. A college finance major by day, Crystal has aspirations of conquering the modeling and acting worlds with her signature smile.
  • – Morgan (@mommyistattedd) is her Dad’s protégé and the tough as nails tattooed biker girl with a business mind and a fuse you don’t want to ignite. Whether it’s riding with her bike club or running multiple businesses, the “Boss Lady” gives 100% to everything she does, including defending her sisters.
  • – Bree (@breecandace) is the temperamental middle child of the group. She’s a mother of one with a budding plus size modeling imprint on social media which focuses on the beauty of women with curves.

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