LAMAR ODOM UPDATE (Part 3): Lamar begins therapy, improves as family, Khloe try to mend fences


SIDEBAR: Part Three of the “LAMAR ODOM: The Road to Recovery series, we spoke with Traciana Graves, who is known for her healing abilities with her platform. Interview is below.

( – As the news broke that a mentally ailing Lamar Odom was unrepresented in court as his divorce to on-again, off-again wife Khloe Kardashian was called off, many people felt concerned for the two-time NBA champion. Laura Wasser, who is known as the “husband killer” when it comes to celebrity divorces, pulled strings to get the Kardashian/Odom divorce papers on the desk of a judge and signed in less than 24 hours, caught the attention of Black Twitter.

Wasser and her team had made it clear that the divorce process for Khloe and Lamar would “take months” yet she somehow managed to walk into a Los Angeles courthouse and walk out with a judge’s signature dropping the divorce. It didn’t sit well with many, including

“We’ve said all along that having Aunt JaNean come into the picture was comforting to many who were concerned for Lamar,” said DC Livers, who has been covering the tragedy and Lamar’s miraculous recovery. “Aunt JaNean brings a level of calm and trust that many in the Black community felt was missing. If she feels that her nephew is getting good care, we’ll all have to go with it. But Black Twitter is not like most groups. They have their own opinions and aren’t shy to offer them. If there’s any foul play against Lamar, Black Twitter will certainly sniff it out,” said Livers.

Lamar_COVERart_DCLivers_RoadtoRecoveryKhloe’s relationship with other men during her marriage was only part of the concern the public had. The other was the reality star’s television appearances where she set Lamar up to look like a violent stalker. In addition, Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick called Lamar a “golddigger” on their TV show and verbally worried that he might smoke up Khloe’s money during a recent episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

But in an effort to heal Lamar’s troubled heart – and perhaps as an effort to begin to heal their broken, extended family – JaNean Mercer, Lamar’s maternal aunt, issued the following statement directly to

“To our overwhelming delight, Lamar’s courageous improvement continues on the incline in Los Angeles. He is beginning to gradually flourish both mentally and physically. His use of speech has increased and he’s more cognitively responsive. His medical team has executed an aggressive therapy regimen to aid in his progress.

As a family, we will remain united in our love and devotion to Lamar’s health and well being. Again, that is our NUMBER ONE priority.

In SINCERELY loving Lamar, we truly love and respect whomever he loves. We always have and will continue to do so. Together as a team, we will support and encourage him always.”

Whether Khloe will stay with Lamar after his long recovery remains to be seen. It’s entirely possible Khloe won’t stay but in the past, Lamar has made it clear in the past that he loves her. Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped people from feeling some kind of way about Khloe’s weird way of handling the crisis. Some feel her decision to be by his side during his medical scare means she loves him, too. Others aren’t so sure. The kids and their mother Liza Morales definitely deserve to have a major part of his life and say about what happens to him as well. The aunt’s statements could signal she supports BOTH women, which is noble.

“If he’s just now able to start talking and is only now regaining mental capacities, how can it be said that he was mentally capable of consenting to end his bid for divorce?” said a source very close to the situation. “I’m not sure I’m buying that. It’s just too convenient for Khloe and conflicts with his last interview where he says he’s fed up with being defamed on their show. I’m not too comfortable with this. If he really loves her, he can always remarry her. It seems like a bid by Khloe to control him.”

The jury is still out on whether the divorce dissolution was good for Lamar. For now, the world will have to hope for the best, but if there’s any foul play Black Twitter will be there to sniff it out.

SIDEBAR: Part Two of the “LAMAR ODOM: The Road to Recovery series, we spoke with Dr. Jeff Gardere, who is known for his tough love therapy sessions with stars like NeNe Leakes. To hear the interview, click the link.



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