EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: DIVORCE is ALMOST FINAL as Lamar Odom airlifted to Los Angeles, WALKS on his own, family issues statement to BlacksinHollywood.com

Lamar Odom and the NBA Championship trophy 2009Update: BlacksinHollywood’s DC Livers spoke directly with the Los Angeles Court media relations representative at 1:57 PM with a follow up at 2:01 PM (EST) and discovered that Lamar’s divorce is ALMOST finalized.

Despite reports from sources like E! network, tabloid blogger Perez Hilton and TMZ, who have financial interests in the Kardashian side of the story, the divorce between Lamar and Khloe is MUCH closer than it seemed from their reports. TMZ, Perez and E! mislead readers into believing that the divorce could be finalized in two or more months, but BlacksinHollywood.com has learned the divorce could be finalized in about a month – or sooner if one of his real family members files for an injuncation or interim relief.

Here’s a transcript of the call between DC Livers and the Los Angeles court system interview with the court spokesperson Mary Hearn and DC Livers at 1:57 PM on October 20, 2015:

Q: If there is a life and death situation, will the court grant an expedited divorce since Lamar and Khloe both signed the paperwork”

A: “The divorce papers will be finalized in the order they were received.”

Q: Does the court have a position on the medical needs of Mr. Odom? Is it in his best interest for his real family to have control?”

A: “The Court doesn’t have a position on expediting the paperwork. The court will process the paperwork in its normal process. In any situation, the court proceeds in a normal course of action unless a party comes in and requests some sort of interim relief. That would be true in any situation so unless someone comes in and makes a motion on his regard, the court will proceed in the order the divorce paperwork was received.”

Q: What date was the divorce papers received with the Los Angeles Court?

A: “The original petition was filed December 13, 2013.”

Q: I see. On what date were the divorce papers with both party’s signature received by the court?

A: “On July 17, 2015, the stipulated judgment papers were submitted to the court.”

Q: What does that mean? Stipulated judgment?

A: “That’s when both sides submits to the terms of the dissolution. It’s when both parties agree that they want to be divorced.”

Q: What is the current backlog? How do you expect that it might take before it can be finalized?

A: “The last paperwork that I saw, which was just last week, showed that it can be as long another month before the paper work is completed. As we talk today, they are not divorced. But as soon as the divorce paperwork is reviewed by a judicial officer, which could be as long as a month, the dissolution will be approved.”

(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – BlacksinHollywood.com can exclusively report that Lamar Odom has taken steps to his road to recovery, literally.

The two time NBA champion walked on his own for the first time since his medical crisis. His family is overjoyed and provided the following statement to our reporter DC Livers.

“On behalf of JaNean Mercer and the entire Odom family, we would like to send a tremendous THANK YOU to the illustrious medical team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas. Your superb, round-the-clock care gave us the comfort and assurances we desperately needed to know Lamar would preserve,” said his Aunt JaNean.

As rumors that Lamar may require a kidney transplant surface, his family admitted his journey to full health will be a long one.

“As Lamar begins a new chapter in his road to recovery, PLEASE continue to uplift him and the family in prayer,” said Aunt JaNen. “He continues to make miraculous progress, taking a few steps in Los Angeles. We couldn’t be more overjoyed! We realize Lamar’s continued improvement will not be easy, however, his unrelenting strength and faith in GOD will pull him through.”

lamar-odomLamar had the entire country praying for his recovery and it seemed to have worked.

“To everyone from across the nation and around the world who continued to send your love and prayers, we THANK YOU sincerely,” Aunt JaNean said.

Questions now arise about what rights his dad Joe will have to his son. It is believed that he can – and may be considering – file for guardianship of his son so that that Lamar’s kids can have more access to their father without having to go through the Kardashian media machine. Joe has long since said his son must have been drugged while at the Love Ranch. With the way things are looking, it seems entirely possible as the NBA star was also allegedly robbed while there.

Police told BlacksinHollywood.com that they tested his blood and its very possible that Lamar will be charged with a crime.


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