LAMAR ODOM: The Road to Recovery (Part 2): Dr. Jeff Gardere offers advice to Lamar and Khloe


( – When it comes to keeping it real, there is no other doctor who is more equipped than Dr. Jeff Gardere.

Known for his role on Maury Povich‘s “You’re NOT the father” series, Dr. Jeff brought order and understanding to the difficult revelation of finding out you are or are not the father on national TV. That’s why’s reporter, DC Livers, reached out to Dr. Jeff to bring clarity to the Lamar Odom medical crisis.

SIDEBAR: Will Lamar be arrested? Should he take Khloe back?
Find out what Lamar needs to do to survive once he gets better. Watch video interview below.)

DrJeff_LamarOdom_blacksinhollywood_DCLivers“Dr. Jeff makes the most complicated cases understandable. He issues real world advice and provides healing in the most non-judgmental way imaginable. He takes great care to not beat around the bush but can also be direct. He’s handled hot heads like NeNe Leakes, helped dads and moms understand how to co-parent during extremely difficult moments, and even had his own show helping young dad become fathers.

With his children, their mother Liza Morales, Lamar’s family including maternal aunt JaNean Mercer and Khloe Kardashian all trying to help the two time NBA Champion get his life back on track, many are wondering how he’s going to cope having so many different voices to listen to. Dr. Jeff weighs in.

“I think the Lamar Odom series needed Dr. Jeff’s wisdom. He set the tone to how we all must handle people in our lives who self destruct. And if we’re the person self destructing,  he offers tips that help in a healing, nurturing way. The series wouldn’t be the same without his voice,” said Livers.

The series includes interviews with NBA star Chris Bosh, comedian “Superb: Africa’s funniest comedian and healing advice from Traciana Graves of Bully Proof Diva, Dr. Jeff Gardere and others. Plus, updates from those who know Lamar best.

The full interview will be available here:



3 thoughts on “LAMAR ODOM: The Road to Recovery (Part 2): Dr. Jeff Gardere offers advice to Lamar and Khloe

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