EXCLUSIVE: Blacks in Hollywood launches “LAMAR ODOM: The road to recovery”

Lamar_statement_DCLivers_blackpressradio (www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Lamar Odom, who is perhaps one of the most beloved players the NBA has ever had, is on the mend. As part of BlacksinHollywood’s Lamar A.K. coverage, we’ll be talking to people who love him, respect him and want the best for him. We’ll also be conducting our coverage in an “A.K.” style, meaning life after Khloe.

While it’s possible that Lamar and Khloe could rekindle their relationship, that’s not what our coverage will be about. Our coverage will be a celebration of Lamar’s life as it was before the hospitalization and his road to recovery in an uplifting fashion. We’ll interview key people who will help provide a blueprint for Lamar in hopes of making a full recovery, not just medically but as an addict.

His family sent a statement to BlacksinHollywood.com today. We’re publishing in its entirety below:

Official Statement from JaNean Mercer, maternal Aunt of Lamar Odom

October 19, 2015. Las Vegas, NV “Lamar has always been blessed with a tenacious, fighting spirit, overcoming insurmountable obstacles to achieve the impossible. These past few days have been no different. He is defying the odds in his toughest battle to date with GOD’s grace.

Each day Lamar is getting stronger and reaching significant milestones in his recovery. We are committed to remaining by his side as a family for our champion, who we love immensely. Your continued prayers and well wishes have been the fuel to keep us going, and for that we are eternally grateful.”

The statement comes as many in the Black community as asking for the Kardashian circus to stop. E! has been filming since he landed in the hospital. When confronted about it, E! Network issued a slick statement that said, “We’re not film AT THE HOSPITAL where Lamar is being treated.” They have provided a private Jet to bring in the Kardashian/Jenner klan to capture their big moment.

But Metta World Peace, a friend of Lamar and former teammate, hoped to snap the circus from expanding or continuing.

“This is nothing against Khloe [Kardashian],” Metta World Peace told the Los Angeles Daily News. “This is for the celebrities that are coming to see Lamar. They should know they’re taking away from Lamar’s children. The only Kardashian that needs to be there is Khloe,” he said. “Not every Kardashian needs to be around. They need to keep it simple, so Lamar’s children can see him whenever they want to see him. They’re waiting in line to see their own father.”

Metta’s comments have been echoed by much of #BlackTwitter and even those in the mainstream.

It’s time to let Lamar get on with the journey. If Khloe’s going to be by his side, she should at least give the circus the rest of the month off.



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