SPOTLIGHT: Meet Alvina Alston the woman behind the biggest breakthrough of 2015

Alvina Alston is a publicist for Terrell Owens, Lamar Odom – For those who aren’t in the media, you might not realize all that publicist Alvina Alston has accomplished. By tomorrow, you will.

Years ago before she was murdered, Sadia Morrison was a celebrity stylist/publicist for some of the most well known yet often broken celebrities on the planet.

NFL stars Plaxico Burress and Thomas Jones. Boxer Zab Judah. Rappers Kanye West, Jay Z and Charli Baltimore.

Somehow, Sadia managed to rehabilitate her client’s image – and many times – rehabilitate them as well. She understood them and they trusted her because she began working for Jay Z as a teenager. She’d make me interview them and I would be amazed at how she changed their careers and their lives.

That’s why we’ve always been in awe of Alvina Alston. Even before she signed on to be Lamar Odom’s publicist as he battles back from death. He’s gonna really need her because even he admits, he’s pretty broken.

Earlier, we said goodbye to “old Lamar” and made way for “new Lamar. It’s good to know that his maternal aunt NaJean Mercer is on the case. It’s great that his kids are available to hopefully love their dad back to full health. Since she’s been in town, things  have changed tremendously. We’re pulling for Lamar, his kids, his ex and mother of his children Liza Morales and mostly we’re pulling for Alvina.

When you’re young, attractive and Black, people don’t always give you the respect you deserve. Mainstream media – and haters disguised as bloggers like Perez Hilton and TMZ – will likely try to tear down her accomplishments but #BlackTwitter has her back.

Written by DC Livers
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