GOODBYE to OUR FRIEND: Lamar Odom’s life before Khloe was something to be proud of

Lamar-obitEditor’s Note: Physically, Lamar Odom has been kept alive by machines and while it’s possible that he may make a full recovery – which is our hope – we feel it’s time for us to say goodbye. If he survives, he will have to start a new life that cannot resemble in any manner the old one. He’ll have to say goodbye to “old Lamar” and carve out a new life.

From here on out, will write solely about what we’re calling LAMAR B.K. (before Khloe) or if he recovers LAMAR A.K (after Khloe). We don’t want our young readers to believe that his life was only about being married to a reality TV personality or being consumed by drugs. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lamar for nearly a decade. It’s time to share that. In short, this decision is our attempt to celebrate his life not amplify his struggles. It’s a way to give him roses while he’s alive or celebrate his life and accomplishments if he dies.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE:(Friday, October 16, 2015 at 5:40pm EST.): can confirm that Lamar Odom’s “blood was taken” to be tested according to an exclusive conversation with Nye Srgt. Boruchowitz moments ago.

When asked if Lamar will be charged, Srgt. Boruchowitz said, “We cannot say at this time.” When asked if employees or the owner of Love Ranch will be charged, Srgt. Boruchowitz answered, “An investigation is ongoing at this time,” but would not elaborate.

Reports continue to be misleading regarding the condition of the NBA champion. According to E!, Lamar woke up and said, “Hey baby” to Khloe, however, CNN directly counters E!’s account, which has been heavily biased to make the Kardashians seem somehow victimized by Lamar and like his saviors. The cable news network reports that Lamar said, “Hi,” and signaled he wanted to see his children. can also confirm several family members and close friends of Lamar are angry because she’s all but kept them from seeing their loved one. “She’s a selfish winch,” said one source directly to “The man has kids and family who loves him. How dare she tell the media that [Kardashians] are the only family he has,” the source said. Earlier today, friends stated that they felt “Lamar needs his old friends,” but admitted that they have been “blocked from going up to see him. Ain’t that nothing?!” A source close to the situation said, “This is why we need the Black Press. The mainstream media is keepiong us from keeping up with Lamar. All we’ll have is Khloe’s word for it. We’re over this broad. We want to know what’s really going on. His aunt [NaJean Mercer] should be in charge.” There are also reports that Khloe is asking her attorneys is she can cancel the divorce or prolong the judge’s signature. will continue to provide LAMAR A.K. (after Khloe) coverage.

( – Even before CNN mistakenly posted a photo of LaMarcus Eldridge and mis-identified him or the coverage of his medical crisis began resembling “the Khloe show,” it was pretty clear to many that it was time to change the direction of the coverage regarding two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom.

As the nation’s largest provider of Black digital content, we are charged with covering popular stories from a different perspective. For us, there is only one question to ask when covering any story: “What does this mean to Black people?”

Lamar meant a lot to Black people before and after he married Khloe Kardashian.

For the better part of a decade, I’d gotten to know Lamar and others as I covered NBA games, red carpet events and other high profile events for my series, “Black Athlete’s Podcast Series.” I got to “catch them doing good in the hood” not just doing bad on the court. As the league is about 90% African-American, I was able to shine light on things that the players were involved in that might not otherwise make the news.

Since he was found unconsious, I’ve covered just about every aspect of his demise. The brothel. The legal marriage. His kids. Khloe. It was all just too much. It didn’t feel right because I kept wanting to say, “that’s not the guy I know.” Sure, he made mistakes. A lot of them. Who hasn’t? Ask Kanye and he’ll tell you: “You’re not your mistakes” as his mom said to him in a dream that led to the song, “Only One.”

Over the years, I’ve met so many people. I even met Kanye’s mom. We bonded quickly. She was a wise, wise woman and a very dedicated mother. I interviewed her about her need to break free of being “Kanye’s mother and step into my own light.” That’s kinda what I feel happened with Lamar. He got sucked up.

A photo of his long-time friends appeared in a media report today with the caption, “Lamar needs his old friends.” They aren’t allowed upstairs to say goodbye to their friend. The Kardashian media circle is too much for them. They struggle to get answers mirrors the Black community’s own battle to get the truth. It’s like the Kardashian’s have claimed ownership and no one else matters.

There’s never going to be a person who could credibly say that Khloe didn’t love him at some point. There’s no way to deny that he loved her, but it seems co-dependent on things that aren’t usually involved in successful marriages. What happened with them – or to them – is for them to know. Kermit is right: “That’s none of my business.” But something happened.

What to Expect
So, if you’re looking to read about the scandal Lamar was able to find or be a part of during his career, you’ll have to rely on  sleazy blogs like Perez Hilton or TMZ, which actually is not as sleazy as it once was. If you’re looking for “Khloe the grieving widow’ coverage, you won’t find it here either.

What you will find is coverage of his children and their mother, Liza. You’ll find stories of Lamar doing amazing things to uplift others. You’ll be able to read some positive things about a man whose life didn’t turn out the way he – or we – might have liked but managed to do a lot of good despite of all the bad that he’s seen.

If Lamar passes away, we’ll of course acknowledge that and cover his funeral. But until that happens, we’re deciding to celebrate the “Life and Times of Lamar B.K.” Hopefully, Lamar will make a full recovery and we’ll be able to all tell him that he’s loved. If that happens, we’ll call our coverage “Lamar A.K. (after Khloe).”

He’s a two-time NBA Champion, a philanthropist and a good guy. That’s how he should be remembered and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Written by DC Livers, Editor


One thought on “GOODBYE to OUR FRIEND: Lamar Odom’s life before Khloe was something to be proud of

  1. According to “US TODAY Sports”, he has opened his eyes and asked for his kids at 3:12pm. Let us continue to keep him in our prayers, because his history of pain the last few days has been sad enough…..


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