CELEBRITY HEALTH: Lamar Odom fights for life as Khloe insists on filming for the show

Lamar_Prays(www.BlacksinHollywood.com) – Rev. Jesse Jackson visited the hospital where two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom suffered a stroke, his heart is failing, his lungs may have collapsed and his kidneys are in trouble, but he’s still alive.

Although Lamar is fighting for his life, prayers are coming in, his family seems uplifted by a visit from Rev. Jackson.

Rev. Jackson told the media that Odom remains unresponsive, is hooked up to various medical equipment, but Jackson expressed hope saying “he’s doing better than he was yesterday.” Jackson said Lamar has a private room but wouldn’t elaborate on the E! cameras filming the event on the show.

Tensions are high at the hospital as the Kardashians insist upon filming the experience and his children and their mother aren’t happy.

Lamar and Khloe signed divorce papers recently, but a judge never actually signed them.

Lamar’s trainer is concerned as well. He says Lamar was working out often with him and he was excited about his progress. But, according to the brothel owner where Lamar was found unconscious, he was very upset when Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired bashing the star, misrepsenting him and exploiting him for show ratings.

He was particularly struck by how harsh Kim Kardashian’s comments were towards her former brother-in-law. She made it very clear that he was yesterday’s news and she wanted him out of her sister’s life and hers as well.  Lamar was said to have overcompensated for the pain of the Kardashian’s latest betrayal by turning to drugs.

“Just about every drug imaginable was found in his system,” according to a source who spoke with the press.

This claim directly contradicts what the brothel owner said.

Lamar’s dad isn’t buying any of it.

“Someone poisoned my son,” he said. “My son is a responsible drug user. Someone drugged him.”



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