BLACK FILMMAKER SPOTLIGHT: Tim Alexander’s “Diary of Tired Black Man” sequels

Diary of a TIred Black Man 2

( – From time-to-time, will spotlight a Black filmmaker whose work inspires us. Los Angeles based Black filmmaker Tim Alexander was an easy choice for the debut of this feature.

Can it get worse for James? Heck yeah it can, and wait until you see how much worse it is! James and Tonya’s daughter Lena is now 16-year-old and is her mother version 2.0 but worse! She is so angry and disrespectful that her mother Tonya almost seems sweet in comparison!
Now James gets it from both sides as he tries to shied his life from both of their drama…And boy is he Tired! The film’s goal is to take a deep look at the circle of pain from bad choices & actions that program our children to be men and women who will fail in their relationships and the lives of their children as parents.

Diary of Tired Black Man 2 - Tim ALexander - BlacksinHollywood

There will also be a part 3 of the Tired Black Man series, “Tired Black Man 3 – SOLUTIONS” and it it will show how to fix this mess and move forward!

See the new actress Jazlynn Love who plays the now 16 year old Lena. Paula Lema returns as Tonya, the angriest Black woman on the planet. Even Natasha Dixon reprises her role as her angry friend Bridgette. POOR JAMES!!!

Diary of Tired Black Man 2 - Tim ALexander - BlacksinHollywood1Like the first edition, Diary of a Tired Black Man 2 is both insightful & thought provoking as well as all out hilarious! You will laugh as you learn that YOU need to do better to get better.

Diary of a Tired Black Man 3 is also available. Learn more about the series at


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